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Is this a powerful build?

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Blizzard is the best !
Any opinion on this build thankshttp://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#beYPTk!WSh!YZZZbZ
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You have no single-target attacks, which will be a problem later on. Frenzy with Maniac is a popular skill to take for this role.

You also have no mobility skills. So if you get stunned, frozen, feared, charmed, slowed, etc you can be kited for days. If you don't want to take the Juggernaut passive to counteract snares and movement impairing effects, I'd suggest Leap.

You've got a couple stuns, which are nice for control, but you also don't really have defensive abilities. War cry is helpful with its armor bonus, but you have no way to gain health and you're opting out of Ignore Pain, so you don't really have any sort of panic button.

Better hope you don't get swarmed by casters, because Seismic Slam will only take care of a couple, and you have no mobility, so you're going to have to chase down each individual one to kill them.

Is it a "powerful" build? It has a lot of high cooldown abilities that are powerful, yes. Is it a balanced build? No. And wherever you have imbalance, you have weaknesses that you'll need to compensate for. Can you use this build? Sure. Just know ahead of time, that you may run into things later that will make you want to change out some high CD skills for other skills to fill in your niche problems.
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Thank you for your detailed writing!
im intending to play with a wizard so this build is for co op.
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