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I recently installed Diablo 3 and have a question about the file size. There was a thread in the general discussion asking people how large their diablo 3 file size was. Generally everyone said their file size was 7.76 gigs.

When I looked at my file size, it was 8.47 gigs. Is there a reason for this? Is the mac diablo 3 file size bigger? Or is there some type of corrupt file in the folder?

I've opened the game and watched the intro cinematic with no problems by the way.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
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The 7.76 GB number was for the installer download. At least the one I got when it was first available.
I just ran the installer and have about an 8.3 GB installed game.

This probably explains the discrepancy you're seeing.
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^^ This.
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how is my file 11g+
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01/21/2013 08:44 AMPosted by Reyniel
how is my file 11g+

This might be a result of caching or the increased game assets since the original post was created.
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mine is 25g how I make smaller
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09/20/2015 09:24 AMPosted by ShadowDarth
mine is 25g how I make smaller

If yours is 25 GB you've got something definitely wrong going on. Your best bet is to simply nuke and repave. By that I mean delete your Diablo III folder and reinstall via the Battle.net app. It should come to no more than 15 GB, which is what mine currently resides at, and that's without me doing a fresh reinstall to eliminate garbage that CASC doesn't remove properly.
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