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An Elective late game build I'm hoping to play...


Haunt - Grasping Spirit
Spirit Barrage - Manitou
Spirit Walk - Honored Guest
Soul Harvest - Siphon
Horrify - Frightening Aspect
Mass Confusion - Paranoia

Spirit Vessel
Rush of Essence
Vision Quest

A pure Spirit WD requires TONS of mana regen. With Spirit Walk on 13 second cooldown you can get 30% mana back in just 2 seconds. When all the spells with CD are active the natural mana regen increases by 300%. Every skill regens 30% of the mana cost. So mana shouldn't be a problem.

Haunt provides a snare.

Spirit Walk is a nice getaway skill.

Soul Harvest can heal for almost 11,000 if there are enough targets. Soul Harvest also increases INT by as much as 650 points which increases all resists for WD.

Horrify gives a 100% armor bonus for 40% of the time.

Mass Confusion confuses enemies - duh.

Spirit Vessel has the auto WD respawn, hopefully followed by Spirit Walk to escape from the danger and resest all the skills.

Haunt is a time bomb.

Spirit Barrage - Not sure about the best rune for this skill. Might change it to lifegain or mana regen if the current skills and runes don't suffice. For DPS I'm not sure which rune is best with this build. Do the extra spirits from Well of Souls only attack multiple targets, or will all of them converge on a single target?

Mass Confusion has interesting possibilities as a simultaneous defensive and offensive skill. Paranoia provides an overall DPS bonus of 20% for 20% of the time. Might change it to Mass Hysteria if the extra DPS seems too low and the I need an additional CC option.
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Main problems with this build (and some from nearly every other spirit build I've reviewed):

1. No strong effective AoE to speak of, might want to consider dumping a skill for this.

2. Too much mana regen because of Vision Quest without a good mana dump. It seems you will be relying on Haunt for your mana dumping, although, based on gameplay videos it only affects four enemies at once (caused by four individual casts), and only spreads on the enemies death, unlike Locust Swarm. Getting an AoE would also help this.

3. Soul Harvest is an unreliable heal, especially in a 1v1 Boss fight. You have to be VERY close to use it, and it would only heal for 2k in that case, probably not worth the risk of being so close to the boss. Considering you already have a lot of mana regen from passives, you may want to consider switching the rune on Spirit Walk to [Healing Journey], as it is a nice chunk of percentage based health (not flat numbers) that can be triggered either in an emergency (also giving you an escape) or when away from enemies for the heal and to drop "aggro".

4. Not that great single target damage, due to Haunt being timed DPS, and Manitou doing low damage per "attack".

Basic (TL;DR) Checklist:
1. Do I have a short CD CC or escape that I can use often and in emergencies?

2. Do I have a spell to use up excess mana?
3. Do I have a spell to use if I run out of mana?
4. Do I have a spell to use when most of my abilities are on CD?
5. Do I have AoE damage? (Important especially for Solo play)
6. Do I have single target damage? (Important for Boss killing)
7. Do I have a way to regain HP/Mana?
8. Do my passives maximize my strategy? (Survival, CC, DPS, Pets, etc..)
9. Do I have an effective way to keep enemies from hurting me? (Pets or CC)

See this for additional advice:
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1. True, there's not a real AoE instant bomb. what do you suggest? If I change Spirit Barrage to Well of Souls, then I can see spamming Haunt and Spirit Barrage as a kind of constant AoE attack. Those two attacks with the occasional 70% AoE damage from Soul Harvest should do the trick, right?

2. Not sure I totally agree about this. Spamming Spirit Barrage and Haunt will likely use plenty of mana. If the build has too much mana gen then I think there are 2 options to tweak, Spirit Walk - Honored Guest, and Vision Quest. I'd have to play the current build to find out which option is 'unnecessary'. I guess if Honored Guest was changed to Healing Journey, then keep Vision Quest?

3. Soul Harvest has a 16 yard range which I think is ok. If Spirit Walk is changed to Healing Journey rune, then that really only leaves a couple of viable options - Languish, or Vengeful Spirit. Languish is only a 3 second snare, and I'll be spamming Haunt w/ snare anyways. So I guess adding 70% weapon damage with VS is the remaining option.

4. So, change Spirit Barrage rune to Well of Souls?

Regarding the checklist...
1. Yes
2. I think so
3. Not really, but using any of the skills regens 30% of the mana cost. So even when I run out of mana, it shouldn't take but 1or 2 seconds to have more mana. Unless there is a boss that can prevent mana regen I dont think this will be an issue.
4. I think so
5. Sort of
6. Yes
7. Yes/Yes
8. I think so
9. Yes

revised build

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05/14/2012 04:25 PMPosted by Zodiac

[Vengeful Spirit] on Soul Harvest is a poor AoE, doing low damage, (lower than Firebomb) in a smallish radius centered on the caster.

My suggestion:

Spirit Barrage with [The Spirit is Willing] will give you a spammable high single target damage spell that lobs to the target. (108 * 0.7 - 44 = 31.6 mana per cast, beating toads)

Spirit Walk with [Healing Journey] will give you a good heal every 13 seconds. (If you use this whenever it is up, it heals you for over 1% hp/second on average.

Spiritual Attunement to replace Vision Quest due to only 3 CD abilities. A boost to mana, and mana regen should make up for it, as it's a constant bonus, not dependent on always triggering your skills. Furthermore, it will most likely mean Spirit Barrage will behave similarly to a primary, being just under or just over your mana regen rate. This will also allow for a slightly more relaxed playstyle, giving you no rush to pop your abilities, and ensuring they are up when you need them most.

Finally Acid Cloud (which can be replaced with the AoE of your choice, Acid Cloud simply chosen for its range, size, and frequency of casting) with either [Acid Rain] to hit a wide group of enemies at once, meaning you'll need to cast it less often (and therefore focus on Haunting and Barraging), or [Slow Burn] for similar reasons.

Keep in mind, only a suggestion, and a pure spirit build is certainly viable, albeit will lack AoE, which is important for likely 70% or more of the content to clear packs of mobs. (Assuming 30% is for battles against single strong foes) If you have a pure spirit build, you'd likely do better in a PVP or group setting than solo play, and do very well in those situations.
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