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Cookie cutter Barb PvP Spec??


What do you think? Be specific with feedback if you can be.
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Might switch out Unforgiving for Weapons Master, depending how the Unforgiving passive actually works.
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Do you even know how the tree works? The last -four- things you said cant even work unless I change skills mid fight, which is possible but I am not sure that is Blizzards intent since there is a Cooldown on skill switching.

That aside, I like Bloodthirst way more than Relentless. I dont plan on being down at 20% hp very often. Unforgiving I would much rather have Weapons master instead of No Escape, they wont be getting far after my first spear then a 4 second stun.
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Health globes drop in PvP? I didnt know that, is that true? Also, I dont mind if I die in PvP but 20% health is really low already, so if I am that low I probably already lost and I figure since the 3% will kick in at 99% hp it will help keep me away from that zone, I may change it for Inspiring presence, if that heals for more I want a balance build.

Weapon toss is on the tier with warcrys not with whirlwind. I would drop +30% constant damage and 3% crit for something that will drain all my resource...

As for closers, I figured that ancient spear and the 4 second stun are on such a short cooldown that a fight would go like this: Wrath of the berserker, Spear, Stun, Whirlwind, and they should be pretty low by that time. Tank for a few seconds and Spear + Stun again.
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Ok well thats kind of why I made this thread you have a valid point about Bloodthirst I would swap that for Inspiring Presence then.

I was under the impression that each of the 4 types of "trees" outside of the primary 2 were exclusive and we had to use one of each on the 4 hot key buttons that the UI has? Is that not the case, and we can put any 4 up there we choose?

About Whirlwind, is it massively nerfed from d2? I know the weapon damage % is low, but I thought that would be greatly multiplied through its multiple hits...Is this really not even remotely the case anymore?

About other classes mobility I was hoping that I could take them down to at least half or lower with my opener then live through the initial kiting until my second spear and stun came up to finish them...Whirlwind seems good here because it combines mobility and damage, especially if its buffed 100% with Wrath of the Berserker...
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05/11/2012 10:34 PMPosted by Asraemj
I was under the impression that each of the 4 types of "trees" outside of the primary 2 were exclusive and we had to use one of each on the 4 hot key buttons that the UI has? Is that not the case, and we can put any 4 up there we choose?

Oh that's what you meant by trees, I was confused until your last post. By choosing 'elective mode' in the game options you can choose whatever skills you want. You can run with all three rage skills if you felt like it.
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Wow thats helpful, I thought their design was to run with 1 from each one, like it was a talent option or something like that...This is much different then. :)
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I edited the original post, check it out...I have a question though about Dread bomb, it says "throw a corpse which inflicts an additional 3% weapon damage for each point of Fury expended to all enemies within 12 yards of the target." Does that exclude the original target? Or include the original target of Weapon Throw?
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Well I am glad I made this thread then, I may have overlooked that particular spell for months, perhaps never picking it up. I will investigate.

What are your thoughts on Arreats Will? Better or worse than Insanity?

Edit: What about Mighty Throw? If you dont have very much Fury it would hit harder...Or you could throw two and possibly do more DPS?
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Cant comment on most of the build. Its honestly way to hard to guess the best setups when it comes to playstyle and attacks.

However I would drop battle rage. Utility often trounces brute force (depending how a game is built). Snares, mobility, cc and things like that are often the paths to victory.

Even just looking at threatening shout makes it a no contest. Rage generating, aoe debuff of 25% damage reduction (ontop of things like 15% attack speed reduction or 30% move). Just that blows battle rage out of the water, let alone other potentials.
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I wish there was more utility on Threatening shout but really there isnt enough for me to drop 30% damage...I am hoping to line up effects for really big bursts with Wrath, Spear, Leap stuns and Hammer of the Ancients ...If I cant kill them while I have them in my grasp they (casters) may win the long battle...
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What do people think of this PVP build:


Do a ton of damage with Fury up, grab em to you with Spear to get Frenzy goin, when they try and run, death from above.
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Just wanna let you know that dread bomb on weapon throw has a chance to miss.. and then your fuxed.
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I edited the original build.

I am thinking: Leap stun, Earthquake with no fury cost, Ground stomp to keep them in Earthquake, then Frenzy and WW as fillers.

That should be very tough to escape from...

Also added in War Cry with impunity and inspiring presence for some defensive measure.
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90 Human Death Knight
check this out!!!!


Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb3MdqyVV58
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