Hi All,

I am curious as to what the IP addresses will be for the actual game servers. The reason I inquire is because I encountered trouble during the Open Beta with my old ISP. Though normally that ISP is fast with downloads and such, it didn't work at all with the Open Beta. I'd have trouble loading, and if I did load, everything just stalled. I'd kill a few zombies and it would stop. Couldn't even logout or exit properly.

I tried with a different ISP, and finally got to play the open beta. So know I'm just curious if the game servers will have the same IP as the open beta ones or will they be totally different? I hope to run a TracerT to them to find out whether my new ISP will be good for running the game or not.

An answer from a blue, or anyone knowledgeable of such, would be much appreciated.

3 more days to game time! ^_^