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Lvl 60 Elective Rage Bomb Build

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Need some help fine tuning this build.

Bash - Instigation
Leap - Iron Impact
War Cry - Impunity or Charge (Not sure yet)
Earthquake - (Not sure yet)
Call of the Ancients - Duty to the Clan (not sure yet)
Wrath of the Berserker - Thrive on Chaos

Nerves of Steel
Tough as Nails
Boon of Bul-Kathos

I'm not set on Tough as Nails. Maybe this build needs Animosity?

Approx. every 30 seconds drop a rage bomb.

the default primary attack option to gen 12 Fury per attack.

You want to attack with Leap as often as possible - every 10 seconds. Doing this gens 45 Fury every 30 seconds, and provides you with a 300% Armor bonus approx. 40% of the time. It will also keep your targets slowed by 60% approx. 30% of the time.

War Cry
If War Cry is runed with Charge!, then this skill is great if you need quick Fury to activate a rage bomb. Or, you could time these skills so War Cry activates after WotB to instantly add an additional 2 seconds to the duration of WotB. This makes it feasible to run WotB for appox. 18-20 seconds. You'll likely want to time War Cry so it's active all the time, then activate the rage bombs accordingly.

Rage Bombs
I think building Fury with Bash and Leap, activating WotB, then War Cry is probably the best way to begin the cycle. After the first War Cry, use Bash until Leap is ready for another go. Ideally you will drop a rage bomb approx. every 30 seconds if you want to spread them out evenly in a cycle. However, there's no reason why you couldn't drop a bomb, quickly build up fury and drop another bomb. Using Bash, Leap, and War Cry, it should theoretically be possible to activate all 3 rage bombs within 30 seconds. If Earthquake is runed with Mountain's Call, then it is easy to activate all 3 bombs in a short period of time.

This build provides huge Armor bonuses. War Cry and Tough as Nails provide a constant 45% bonus. Depending on your Vitality, Nerves of Steel also provides a solid bonus. Combine all of that with the occasional 300% bonus from Leap, and you will have a solid tank that can absorb lots of hits. I think there's potential to have an Armor bonus pushing 360% approx. 40% of the time with this build.

what do you guys think?
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Could be potent, but all that downtime would make me antsy.

This is a nightmare/hell farming build? I don't think you'd last very long in Inferno with those skills :)
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not sure about any build regarding inferno, but yeah, this build probably is better suited for Hell farming.

the downtime is not too long if the bombs are on a cycle. during the cycles you are getting benefits from WotB for between 18-20 seconds, CotA for 20 seconds, and 8 seconds of mega AoE damage. in between you are spamming Bash and Leap. with some decent Thorns gear and Tough as Nails I think it would not be too scary. if you are using Leap every 10 seconds, then you'll have huge armor bonuses 40% of the time. sounds like a pretty busy schedule to me.
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Rage bomb
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