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No option to select a drive install.

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What's up with no option to select another drive to install Diablo 3? I've installed the game without trouble but it wouldn't let me select another drive other than my C: drive rather have the game on my E: drive which has more space but has all my games. I've posted a topic in Technical Support on this issue also.
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same here! I run a SSD drive with only windows on it.....all my programs and games are on the E: drive......wtf Blizzard!!!!
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That's weird. The first screen of the installer asked me where I wanted to install to.
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05/15/2012 06:55 PMPosted by jwei92
That's weird. The first screen of the installer asked me where I wanted to install to.

Yes, I was able to do the same? I installed mine on E: drive as well.
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First thing it did was ask me where I wanted to install it. If you can't choose just install it and then copy it from one drive to another.
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There's an option, towards the top of the installer, forgot which screen. I changed drive/path without problem.
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When u install diablo 3 u can change where u want to install it at the top screen guys =)
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I installed on my C:\ which is an SSD running windows as well.

However i had it in a slightly different location, so i was able to select where to install it, i guess you guys just missed that step
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WoW... It's one of the first things you can do when you run the installer.
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Yes, you can definitely choose a location. I have a small SSD with windows that I did not want to clog up with games, that's what E: is for.

BTW, as long as you remake the shortcuts to the launcher, I'm pretty sure you can just drag and drop the folder on to your other drive and it will play just fine.
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05/15/2012 06:54 PMPosted by Awoll
same here! I run a SSD drive with only windows on it.....all my programs and games are on the E: drive......wtf Blizzard!!!!

Wow, so quick to blame Blizzard. Look at all the other posters in here. Now tell me, do you honestly think the problem is with Blizzard?

I too was prompted where I wanted to install.
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Maybe cause it is blizzard,

I was asked to where I install on a different drives and it says it won't recognize it.

WoW ..so quick to assume other people are stupid.

Get real .

ps. for anyone actually wondering you have to change the drive letter. Blizzard won't let you install to the A: or B: drives for whatever reason. I guess they assume some of us still use floppy disks! =p

guess it was blizzard
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I am installing this now and it DOES NOT have an option for me to select a drive. I have only a 80GB drive for C and that is only for Windows. I would like to know how other found a way to install to another drive. It should be obvious, I should not have to look around for this option... So way to drop the ball. All my options are greyed out. When I click install, it goes straight to install, no option to select a drive. It could be a bug in their installer... Needless to say, I cannot install this until it will let me install to my D drive... What a waste.
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Ok, this is how you change your drive.

First, it is on the page with the license agreement (directly above the agreement, hardly noticeable.) If you have already started the install process and stopped, you will need to restart your computer and then delete the diablo3.temp folder (in the Program Files (x86) folder). Once the folder is deleted you can then try to install the program again and it will now prompt you for the license agreement (where you can change the install directory.)

It is not very noticeable and can easily be overlooked but it is there. So, at least it is there but it should be a little more noticeable IMHO.

Hope this helps.
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Mine is on Drive E
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Mine is installed on a non C drive
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05/16/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Teelo
It never asked me to confirm where I wanted it installed

It doesn't ask, you have to tell it. In the installer, right at the beginning.
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Nutters.... YES the drive path is clearly visible above license agreement, YES you simply select a new drive path but noobs, NO it won't let you select a different drive lmao that is what this thread is about! We're sayin it won't let us choose another drive not that we can't bleedin well see the option! PHAW !!

I choose my data drive as there's no bleedin space on my SSD and the Blizzard Installer lovingly says, "The folder you selected cannot be used. Please select a different folder" this is because Blizzard is using some installation prerequisites from the dark ages that identifies drives A, B, C, D as primary floppy, HDD and DVD Rom drives.

Is everyone listening closely? This is for Windows 7, if you have lots of programs on the drive please see Step#4 before deciding to do this. You can also install on a USB drive as long as you have enough RAM (8Gb<16Gb is ok) on your system to stream the data.

Step#1: Start Menu/Control Panel/System and Security/Administrative Tools/Computer Management.

Step#2: Scroll down if you have to, select Disk Management and once it loads right-click on the drive you CAN'T install Diablo 3 on, select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" from right-click menu.

Step#3: Change the drive letter to ANYTHING other than A, B or C, probably best not to select D either (I chose X).

Step#4: Install Diablo 3 to your chosen drive and enjoy re-installing/changing launcher strings for all your programs on the drive you changed the path for as they 'may' no longer work at all and will require individual attention. After installing Diablo 3 I reapplied steps 1-3 to change my drive path from X back to A (so my other software will work again) and Diablo 3 still works! However I say 'may' no longer work above as this sort of stuff is not without risk.

Step#5: Send Blizzard lots and lots of polite and caring feedback emails about what you think about their gloriously intelligent developer teams.

Blatant sarcasm aside...


Si vis pacem, para bellum
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