So I haven't seen any build like this, which is surprising:!Sdb!.ccbaZ

The idea is simple: You take all 3 of the "High Fury cost, High cooldown" abilities. You Rune Earthquake to be fury free and have a 75 second cooldown (with Boon), you buff the damage and armor for the ancients runewise, and you rune 100% extra damage on Wrath.

Then for passives you take boon, Bloodthirst, and nerves of steel (nerves could be subbed for something else but it seems like a very powerful addition for inferno).

And...bang. Now basically for each mob group you encounter, you chain one of the "big 3". War cry gets you more defense and a burst of fury to cast the big 3 (2), and you have cleave and revenge to deal normal damage to clear damaged enemies (or wallop them when you're using WotB). What makes this work is Bloodthirst, which means all the damage burst from the big 3 you're doing is also healing you, so there's very little downtime. You can also do little tricks like hitting the lost vikings and then running away while they melee (and heal you with their melee).

This probably wouldn't be so much a solo build as a group build, which would work with strong aoe'ers (preferably ones who can snare in your earthquakes). Against truly powerful groups (or maybe a boss) you wait until you can chain all 3 abilities one after the other in the same fight.
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