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Evolving Builds -- Not Cookie Cutter Builds

I see a ton of threads on "which spec should I be" but something fundamental is being ignored in large part with that thought. Without being 100% positive since I never played past The Skeleton King and level 13, I think the way the skills are currently set up is to allow us to evolve in the moment -- not use the exact same build every time we log on.

What if you come to a pack where your cookie cutter isn't working out, and it would be ten times easier for you to swap a couple of your skills and passives out that would mow that pack down? Or you get to the future boss and realize your cookie cutter is just not viable against him and you will definitely have to re-think your build?

The rares elites still generate random buffs game to game which may completely eat your cookie cutter spec alive.

There is too much comparison to D2 going on where you can just pick the one best spec that will get you through the entire game. The general mentality seems to be following that same degree of laziness so they never have to open their skill tab ever again and just spam mouse clicks and hot keys without any kind of strategy involved.

I don't know what the other quests and acts hold, but I am pretty confident you are going to be opening that skill tree to make adjustments OFTEN. Worry less about what the "best spec" is going to be because in my opinion, the best spec is going to be the best spec you can puzzle-piece together in the moment when you hit a snag and need to adjust. That's just one of the things that is going to make this game awesome.
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You're forgetting about Nephalem buff. Everytime you kill a champion or rare or boss, you get a bonus to magic find I believe. If you change specs, you lose the buff. Something like that. Too lazy to go look it up. Point is, Blizz has incorporated things to discourage changing builds on the fly. You can do it, sure. But there's incentive not to.
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There's the link to blue post.
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Ahhhh I see I see. That's strange, because I watched a movie of Jay explaining how someone doing the internal Nightmare difficulty couldn't get past a boss with his stellar set up, and it took someone else coming in and changing up his build to finally down the boss without much trouble.

Even still, if you were in the middle of a quest and you ran into a pack that you would not be able to kill, would you simply ignore it and try to run past it (unless there is no way to get around it then..), change your spec and kill it for the possible loot and the +1 to nephalem buff after forfeiting however many stacks you had, or leave the game and start the quest over until a pack that you can kill generates?

I guess personally I'd rather eat the nephalem buff by changing my spec on the fly if absolutely necessary, down the pack and gain my one stack of the buff + whatever loot dropped and continue on my merry way.

Once I had a set build that I knew could down a boss, I'd start a new game, gather up as much buff as I could then go kill him. But my point is I would finalize an appropriate build specifically for that boss before doing it, rather than trying to cram the rectangle block into the square hole. Just because the rectangle happens to be my "cookie cutter build". Why not make it a square just for one fight if it fits?
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If you're just in it for the Magic Find, I'd say ignore that pack and move somewhere else. Worrying about Nephalem Valor is more a farming thing. If you're just progressing through the game, then I'd say drop the buff and switch up your spec so you can win.

Like I said, there's no reason you can't switch your spec as you need to. Just know that if you're super concerned about farming, then it behooves you to hold onto your current spec as long as you can.

In the end... It's more about whatever suits your current goal.
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