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Imperius' Prejudice (Short Story)

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The angels of the High Heavens are a wondrous collection of beings forged from the utmost good of creation. Beautiful and radiant their wings glow with the righteousness of Anu and show the pure splendor of their creation. True to their conception none is more righteous and virtuous as Imperius the Archangel of Valor. His armor is but one declaration of his being. Magnificent and awe striking it shines with the radiance of a thousand suns and burns with the heroism of a god. He hardly has need for his decorative mantle of armor that flows with elegant gold trim so as to outline his broad shoulders and mask his helm in glory. The spear of which he wields can strike down any foe that he deems unworthy of this world. It gleams with all of the achievements and accolades of his past crusades against the Burning Hells. Demons who are wise dare not speak ill of his name, for they know the absolute victory of his being. At least this is how he was, before the Sin War, before the time when the world was forever changed by the congregation of Demons and Angels. Before, his might was unknowingly challenged by men.
“Tyrael, what of your venture to this unseen world?” Imperius asked impatiently. “Did the Demons finally find a way to create a stable world of their own?!” “No my brother, a world indeed has been created. Not by Demons or Angels alone. But by the collaboration of the two.” Said Tyrael. He walked out from the center of the room and sat down at the councils table. All of the Archangels were gathered around it looking at Tyrael in anticipation. The room was dead silent the white space around them seemed to absorb all noise. Tyrael placed his right hand on the table holding a loose fist in front of the lower part his hood almost as in a moment of deep thought. “Interesting.” Said Itherael. Breaking the silence his deep voice echoing through the sanctum. The room waited in expectation for Itherael to continue, but he did not. “Explain yourself Itherael do not just simply state your thoughts aloud without meaning.” Imperius said with frustration on the edge of his voice. Itherael turned and looked at Imperius for a second almost in irritation and then continued. “I find it interesting… Brother… That I have not foreseen the making of this new world.” “When I arrived the whole foundation seemed to be in shambles… So much injustice and false prophecy was conveyed that I felt its disturbance. Otherwise I fear it may have gone unnoticed by our people for many years to come.” Said Tyrael. His hands now folded he seemingly stared at the middle of the table in contemplation. “You say this world was made by Demons and Angels… How blasphemous! Is this what Inarius and his followers were scheming? To betray the very convent of which they were made! No wonder you sensed such disturbance brother… this world they have created must be writhing with evil!” Imperius said, he was now standing and the table was cracked around where he slammed his fist into it. “There was the presence of evil on this world. I could feel the terror, hate, and destruction of the Prime Evils within that place. However they were merely influencing the others to their will and they had not yet descended onto this new plane.” “Others? Other Angels?” asked Auriel with a peaked interest. “No sister… there has come into being a new entity, a third party to the Eternal Conflict. The race of men. Neither Demon nor Angel they stand separated from us and the Burning Hells. Made from the seed and womb of the both Angels and Demons these ‘humans’ as they are called are beings of incredible power. However the threat lies within the fact that they can be both good and evil. As they come from conflicting paths they have the freedom to choose to be righteous or corrupt.” As Tyrael explained in more detail the members of the council
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seemed increasingly intrigued, yet concerned with this bombardment of new information that has changed the very course of time itself. “If what you say is true about these ‘humans’ then it is possible that the war could be swayed into our favor if they decide to aid us.” Said Auriel. “Yes, swayed in our favor… or their choice could be the end of all righteousness. The Burning Hells has well been on their move to sway the humans to join them. Luckily Inarius helped to guide the humans away from such madness. However it seemed that ultimately the power of these beings might bring about the end to Heaven and Hell alike.” Imperius chimed in “How are the angels currently deployed handling the situation?! We can’t afford to lose any more soldiers to the Burning Hells legions let alone to this new threat!” “Imperius is right. We need to quickly decide how to deal with the humans. Whether to destroy them or let them live.” Itherael suggested. Everyone in the council looked at Itherael almost in agreement. “Shall we cast a vote then? All in favor of-“ “Patience Imperius.” Said Malthael. His voice was so powerful it seemed to shake the entire room. Silence fell upon the council. Eagerly awaiting Mathael’s continued statement. It was rare if Mathael ever spoke and when he did everyone around him fell silent to listen to his wisdom. Mathael laid his back against his seat with his hands folded in front of his dark hood. His wings steadily and down, back and forth almost as if they were pacing in thought. “We have just now, discovered the humans. Who are we to decide the destiny of an entire nation when they have not shown any clear signs of hostility or friendship… We must give the situation time to mature. We need to see how the humans react to the Heavens and the Hells. Making this crucial decision too early and uninformed could be the undoing of us all.” Mathael ended his thought and the Angiris Council took an unneeded moment of silence. Mathael’s opinion was clear and sensible; even though the cost might be losing more soldiers to the Burning Hells it was now clear to everyone that gaining the humans as an ally was not an option. It was the only choice they have to ensure their victory and survival.
Time came to pass, but the Sin War did not last much longer. Many Angels and Demons were slain during the course of the war as with any battle during the Eternal Conflict. However the human Uldyssian who had unlocked his full Nephalem potential ended the war on Sanctuary through his mighty sacrificial feat to once again eliminate the remaining powers of the Nephalem and send Heaven and Hell back to their domains. Then Angiris Council decided now that the Sin War was over it was time to cast the vote that had been prolonged.
All of the Archangels filed into the room and sat in their according spots as they always do when hosting a meeting. Itherael was the last of the Archangel’s to enter as he had tried to spend as much time deciphering the Scroll of Fate before it was time to cast the vote. Once all the angels were settled Imperius stood up and looked at all of his fellow council members. “It is clear that the humans have destructive power that would rival if not decimate that of Baal. These men would walk as gods among us if given the chance they would destroy the very heart of our civilization and the whole world just to mock all of creation! They have no boundaries, no morals! They will only seek the power that they have lost to use it against us!” Imperius enforced his opinion with confidence. “Wouldn’t you agree Mathael?” asked Imperius. Mathael said nothing and remained in his seat as if nothing were said to him. While he did not ignore Imperius completely, he did not acknowledge him. Imperius was now silent and sat back down in his seat. “I believe I have been clear enough in my wording… I vote for the destruction
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of the abomination known as humankind.” Imperius said sourly. His words bitter and reeking of disdain. “Imperius, while I do value your input and opinion in this council, I must say that I disagree with you. Uldyssian’s act was pure and selfless if one human could be capable of such pureness why can’t all of them be the same? My vote is for the preservation of humankind.” Said Auriel. Imperius did not stir; he already felt that Auriel would be against him. However he was not worried as he was confident in the fact that Tyrael would vote with him and sway the Council to his beliefs. “I second the notion of Auriel I believe that mankind will play a crucial role in overcoming the Burning Hells. My vote is for humans to be conserved.” Said Itherael. Imperius clenched his fist. He did not think that Itherael would blatantly go against his vote so quickly without even hearing what Tyrael’s opinion was. All focus turned to Mathael. Silence overtook the room and tension was in the air. Yet Mathael did not acknowledge the attention or start to act because of their gaze. Eventually after a few moments of awkward stillness Mathael waved his hand, signaling that he had no wish to vote. Angiris Council was in complete and udder shock. Imperius found it strange that Mathael would prolong the voting process just to pass on his chance to voice his opinion. However the moment passed and every member accepted that Mathael had his own reasons for deciding not to vote. All anxiety turned to Tyrael, yet Imperius felt comfortable that he had already won. Feeling that Tyrael would feel the great sense of unbalance exerting from the humans Imperius figured he had won his vote and the destruction of humanity was inevitable. Without any prior explanation Tyrael voted “I vote for the preservation of humankind.” Imperius slowly turned his head toward Tyrael in shock and outrage. He then quickly stood out of his seat pushing it over unto the ground. He slammed both of his palms on the edge of the table and leaned against it. “Are you all MAD?!” He exclaimed. “Do you wish for the destruction of all righteousness?! For all that we hold dear?! How can you turn a blind eye to the inevitable threat that is humanity!?! If they are not for us now, they will NEVER be! They will be the undoing of us ALL!” Imperius yelled with anger unmatched by any being in the cosmos. He raised his fist and violently smashed the council table and broke off a piece that fell shattered to the ground. Realizing what he had done and feeling uneasy about his actions Imperius stormed away from the council. Flabbergasted the Angiris Council remained still. Then Mathael stood up calmly and walked away slightly shaking his head in disappointment. “I will go comfort him.” Auriel said patiently as she walked after Imperius.
This is where it started. The loathing of humankind was never erased from Imperius’ outlook. Even though Auriel comforted him nothing could sway his opinion on humanity. It will forever be set in stone that the Archangel of Valor voted for the eradication of humankind. With no regret…
Over time Imperius’ abhorrence grew towards humankind. Every time an Angel would mention them Imperius would remind them of their place and if it were a fellow member of the Angiris Council he would simply leave the room. Hate, Terror, and Destruction were all that circled his mind. Although he remained loyal to the Council sometimes he felt as if he might betray those loyalties for the better of the High Heavens. However he would quickly pull himself out of that dark place, yet over time he noticed it less and less. His hatred even started to latch onto Tyrael for betraying him. He felt that Tyrael was worse than all the others, constantly opposing him, correcting him. He knew he was better than the Angels. He started priding himself more and more and his faith in the Council was lost. He was becoming corrupted and the longer he dwelled on his thoughts… the less he cared.
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“His mind is unraveling; brother, his fear and hatred are overwhelming his mind. He even knows of our presence there, yet he tells no one because of his false sense of pride. Heh, how embarrassing and humiliating would it be for him to become the first Archangel to betray the Heavens-Heh eh eh…” said Diablo grinning and chuckling smugly as he informed Mephisto of Imperius’ on goings. “Yes, Diablo, I feel his mind weakening this very second… soon he will betray his own brothers and aid our plan to rid this universe of righteousness once and for all. And when the High Heavens fall… the Nephalem will have no choice, but to bow to us as their masters.” Said Mephisto. Diablo and Mephisto’s mutual smirk assured each other their communal interest in Imperius’ ongoing struggle. “When the time is right brother… we will have our vengeance on them all!” said Diablo menacingly.

Thank you so much for reading! Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this piece. :)
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Amazing! I loved it.
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Thanks so much :D I had fun typing it!
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thats a great short story friend
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