Diablo® III

could not install.invalid installation option

After seeing the frustrating message again I checked the log file in folder Battle.net and found 1 line saying 'Update Blizaard Launcher failure'. And the version of launcher I have is 888 instead of the newest 1574. I guess that's the reason why I failed all the time.
I'm asking my friend to give me a zip file of all the his stuff in folder Battle.net\Client .
It's late now so I'm going to try this tomorrow. Will let you know once there is a result.
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Taking a copy of a working ProgramData\Battle.net folder worked for me.

For some reason the Launcher wasn't updating to the latest (1575) and the installer bombed out. As soon as I grabbed the battle.net dir from another computer it started installing just fine.
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Have same error problem - have re-downloaded a couple time with no change
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Try Changing Your game client from Asia/south pacific to English US.

and/or Run set up As Admin.
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Hey friend.
I'm still stuck by this issue and tried every other solutions mentioned above but none of them worked.
I see the way you fixed this issue and want to have a try.
But gamefront seems like a website in German which I don't understand.
Could you give me the link in which I can download launcher (1574) and agent (954)?
Thanks a lot!



Here you go :)
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Really appreciate!
Good news is I can move forward passing the error of Invalid installation option by using the the battle.net folder of my friend's.
Bad news is got error message when starting to install :(
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I had the same problem. Restarted the install process about three times. Each time it downloaded some updated install files. On the third try it actually let me start installing the game to D:\

Seems like Blizz could at least post SOMETHING that would point us in the right direction.
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Taking a copy of a working ProgramData\Battle.net folder worked for me.

For some reason the Launcher wasn't updating to the latest (1575) and the installer bombed out. As soon as I grabbed the battle.net dir from another computer it started installing just fine.

My friend is having this issue,so I am trying to help him out.... I have sent him a copy of my battle.net folder with the 1575 launcher in it, but now I have no clue where he is supposed to put that folder? He doesn't have a ProgramData folder, so where should he put the folder I sent him so he can work around this issue?
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I had this problem and had to try a couple of tries running the game as administrator and it eventually worked.

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Ok, to everyone out there having the same "Invalid installation opions, etc etc etc" I also tried each and every possible way i could stumble upon for the last 3 days, and none of them worked for me, so i decided to go ahead and try it the old fashioned way, i copied a already installed and already played Diablo 3 folder from a friend onto a USB Drive, then i copied that folder on my PC, and i double clicked on the launcher, i only encountered a problem the first time i double clicked on the launcher, i got stuck on "updating launcher" but that can be easily fixed by opening the "Task Manager" in windows 7 and closing the agent.exe process, do not close the launcher only close the agent.exe process, once you do that it will automatically reopen again, might ask you for permission to open it if you got UAC on, and once it re-opens it will download(at least in my case it happened like this) 700kb, and then Play button will become clickable and *voila* you're able to play diablo 3 without problems :), hope this helps you guys with this issue out there.
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for everyone w/ a CD, I was having same problems.

take game out of drive, put it back in
right click d3 icon, select open
should show d3 installer icon, right click that, select 'run as administrator' (even if your account is the administrator's, like mine is)
then it should work.

I tried it like 10 times before trying to take the game out of the drive then do the 'run as adminstrator' trick.

can't speak to the d/l'ed copy, good luck everyone.
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I am also getting this problem, do I need to move my "Battle.net" folder into the place where the others are placed aswell? Please respond.
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I had same problem. I deleted the Diablo III Setup.exe file in ProgramData\Battle.net\Setup\diablo3_engb. After running installer again from the Disc it updated the files once again and worked.
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I had the same problem. I tried everything you guys post and the problem was solved after I removed McAfee (anti-virus)
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Had the same issues, ran from the program file as administrator did not work, checked to see what was running in the background in the hidden icon tray and exiited all and it worked. I think it was steam that was preventing the install.
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Kill steam tuning background works for me! Installing the game now.
A million thanks to viper!
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I had the same problem and it was clearly a corrupted/incomplete setup files download.
The cause is definitely a firewall present, whether it is windows or other AV software.

Steps to fix:
1. Disable Firewalls and AV software (do not browse the internet and risk getting viruses)
2. Go to X:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net and delete the Setup folder
3. Re-initiate Diablo install

Don't forget to turn your firewall/av back up again when you're finished

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What is the default location?
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Had the same issue. Disabled anti-virus and firewall. Installation was a breeze.

Thanks everyone for the advices! :)
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