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Throw Barb -- can it be done?

Here's my new build after the changes they've been making to Barb skills:

Obviously, I need to be critting all day in order for this to work, so Weapon Master is for the Axes/Maces +10% crit chance buff.

The idea is to Leap Attack > Overpower > Sprint in order to safely and quickly generate rage when I'm low. Otherwise, spam Throw Weapon and Ancient Spear.

Warcry for extra survivability and a nice party buff. I think by myself, I'd use Furious Charge with Bullrush for the synergy with Crit chance and also since they made it so it does a flat damage to anyone in your path (not most of the damage targeted at where you click): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/barbarian/active/furious-charge

I've cranked the numbers and my Fury generation will be fine. I worry a bit about survivability outside of a group, but I have lots of ways of getting myself out of a bad situation so maybe I'm overthinking it. Anybody see something I don't? I really want Throw Barb to be possible, and I'm hoping to be first to prove it.
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I don't really understand sprint, Furious Charge with Stamina seems like the better option as it provides the dash away and additional fury generation.

War Cry provides good defense but doesn't help a whole lot in getting you to your goal of having high crits so that you can spam Ancient Spear. I might suggest

I waffled on runing Ancient Spear with Skrimish for more Fury generation but I get that you wanted something to keep enemies at bay with, the issue being that it only affects a single target...

With Furious Charge and Ancient spear, I think that Overpower with Killing Spree gets you closer to your goal of high crit chance so I replaced the generator rune with that. Revenge with Best Served Cold is another, longer lasting option.

Even with all of the changes I'm still not particularly happy with it...

Here's my version of your build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#fdXSQP!ZYf!ZZYbZc

Here's a build that I had made before (not sure that I'd go with it either): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#fgVYik!ZfY!ZcZYcb

I'm not sure that a purely ranged barbarian is really practical to be honest...
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Well it's not purely ranged. No barb COULD be purely ranged. I run in, get fury and get out.

I like Sprint over Furious Charge because I can use it any time I like. Furious Charge has a cooldown. Its DEFINITELY a consideration, though.

Like I said, I've crunched the numbers. Fury generation really won't be an issue. Revenge has too few chances to proc. Overpower with Killing Spree... I'd be wasting much of those 6 seconds first trying to get to safety, and blowing it while nobody's near me seems like a big waste.

It can't all be about Crit% or I'll die at the drop of a hat. I need to have something helping me stay alive and War Cry, I think, will do that. With your build, I feel very vulnerable. All my get-outta-jail-free cards have cooldowns, so I can't always depend on them. Personally, I'm really wanting to make room in my current build for Juggernaut to add some more survivability. Keeping away from monsters does not guarantee safety.
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Running into battle to gain fury and then running out (which will also cost fury) all for the sake of using weapon throw is highly inneficient. Running battle-cry with rage on crit will make doing this uneccessary and free up 2-3 of your skills.
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You're going about it the wrong way. And despite that, I'm not sure how effective it'd really be.

Instead of some weird hokey pokey tactics (put your whole body in, take your whole body out) coupled with all those fury generators, you just need the right gear. Perusing the now-listed legendary and set items, I saw several that reduced the fury cost of Throw Weapon. It might even be possible on magic/rare items. It'd only take 2-3 pieces of gear with that affix to make Throw Weapon completely free.

How would you redo your build if you went in with the assumption that Throw Weapon was 0 fury? Because I think that's the right way to approach a throwing barbarian.
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You mean Ferocity? A CHANCE for 2 Fury on each crit is really not much Fury at all. It's a nice little bonus, but not going to generate the kind of Fury I'll need on its own.

And what you're talking about is why I'm leaning towards Furious Charge to get me outta the fray, instead of Sprint/Gangway. Leap/Call of Arreat pulls everyone in, Overpower/Momentum throws out a bunch of damage and gets my bar near-to-full, then Furious Charge/Bull Rush to get me out, get my bar COMPLETELY full and probably stun a few people.

I only need 5 crits with Overpower to deal with the problem of that ability being on a 15 second cooldown, not 10 like the other two, and the numbers say I really won't have to do this 1-2-3 hit combo every chance I get to maintain Weapon Throw spam. Consider I also have Ancient Spear AND Warcry as well -- so honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I had the abundance of Fury to support Sprint. It's a real useful ability to play keepaway, and with the snare on Weapon Throw, hopefully ranged enemies will be a non issue and melee enemies will be dead or dying before they can reach me.
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redscull can you link me to one of these items? This is really interesting information!

Definitely I'd be able to take many more fun abilities like Seismic Slam/Cracking Rift if the base rage cost was only like 2 or so.
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I mean Into the Fray --- Chance for 15 rage on crit
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I'm not generally a Barb enthusiast, but I built a throw Barb a while back:

The core of the idea was to use the 3 fury per hit bonus from using mighty weapons with Weapons Master along with the Ricochet rune for Weapon Throw. Assuming you had three targets to hit, that lowered the effective cost to 1 fury. Other skills were short-cooldown generators to provide utility and fill in during dry spells. Long term goal would be to find an item with the affix to reduce Weapon Throw cost by 5, which would cause it to actually generate fury in most situations.

My specific build is probably flawed, but I think the Ricochet + Weapons Master(mighty) idea is sound.
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Hmm, good points...

Given that we don't know how common CC effects are used by enemies and we don't know the chance that Juggernaut will activate, it's really hard for me to choose it over Nerves of Steel.

Furious Charge with Merciless Assault I feel is better than Sprint for your purposes. It moves you to your destination much faster and presents the possibility to be used fairly frequently. Furthermore, it generates 15 spirit rather than costing 20, providing generation and furthering it's possibility for better spamming. This is especially true since you will be leaping in with Call of Arreat first.

On Ancient Spear, do we know if Rage Flip penetrates enemies? It seems like it must do the inverse of Harpoon in order to be any good... I had been thinking that it was a single target move which would make it unusably bad.

My concern about War Cry with Invigorate is that I'm not sure that 310 hp/second is going to be much in the end game. I wonder if Hardened Wrath's addition 20% armor wouldn't be better due to ranged enemies... Optionally Ignore Pain with Ignorance is Bliss might be a good panic button that gives you some healing. Maybe Ignore Pain > Leap > Overpower > Furious Charge >Throw skills > full health?
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