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Barbarian Stat Priority?

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I'm wondering what stats do what...I know strength is probably gonna be number 1 cause it adds armor as well as attack dmg... I think.

But wondering, does dexterity give dodge as well as crit?

I'm starting to do a stat priority with the table that was givin to us earlier.

I'm thinking for a Barb tank in inferno stat priority is:

Strength > Vitality > Armor > Block > Life Steal > Life Back per hit > Health Regen > Dmg on attackers.

I'm just making a really random somewhat educated guess from what I have know from past games and other things. So instead of saying you are a idiot, some troll comment, another troll comment. Maybe help out and put something constructive.

As for damage, you can figure that out lol. I'm focusing mainly on tank aspect. I made the priority chart just by looking at the charts givin to us.
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dex added to dodge - did not add to crit in beta
intel added to elemental resists

the order of priority for me will be str/armor, dex, vitality, life back on hit

highest will be str like 3/4 which will add to armor automatically but more importantly for me is the damage.

Example of what i'm talking about.
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You'll most likely need to pump points into INT, just as Wizards will need to get STR. It seems that DEX heroes have the option to go either, for optimal survivability.
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Strength > Vitality > rest

trolling aside, here is your list i updated with all you need to know about stat priority on barbarians, especially if you plan to "tank" in inferno(lol). logic is hard. until we know what is actually in the game, its hard to assume what your doing is "the best choice." imo, if u wanted to tank in inferno, strength > vitality(max life) and use the abilities that selfheal. 100% of barbarians did not use a shield in d2 unless it was some hybrid maxblock beast runeword silly pvp build, which were terrible anyway! things we don't know at this pre-launch day and age, such as dex actually would increase your block chance, may just be in the game but we won't know until then, will skew this thread practically useless.. and lets admit, it is better discussed on some elitestjerk website anyway!!

anyone who played d2 enough to be godly really has a big advantage in d3, at least for a month or few. i feel really bad for all the newcomers(newbs) trying to get off their world of warcraft addiction into d3, which is why i felt the need to troll and post here. im not going to explain myself why d2 pros have an advantage, but lets just say to know everything about diablo2 versus someone who has no knowledge of diablo2... gg. some things are different now, like barbs actually dont use mana or need manaleech.. but they can still equip gear that increases intelligence. because we all know theres no other way to get elemental resistance yet, except for stacking INT. any d2 player would remember elemental resistances were a magic property on items, there were also quests and skills that increased your resistances. but, a newbie to d3 wouldnt know that. long story short, quit over-analyzing everything like 90% of all threads on these forums, leave behind what you were spoon-fed in world of warcraft, and learn to play a new game AND THEN research what you need when the time comes. if you dont have the d2 know-how, you can still enjoy the game and have fun, but not as much fun as the d2 veterans will.

have a good day. (and dont forget to stack that INT for elemental resistance on your barb trolololololololololololololol)

you have valid points, but your grammar and punctuation is off.
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05/12/2012 07:06 AMPosted by OpTiKmerLO
You'll most likely need to pump points into INT, just as Wizards will need to get STR. It seems that DEX heroes have the option to go either, for optimal survivability.

This is horribly wrong on so many levels. Taking strength on an item for the purposes of armor is dumb. Both because the armor gained from strength is unlikely to be affected by the +%armor affix on items and because +x armor provides a much higher potential value than +str

Taking intelligence is inneficient compared to resist all. You gain 1 resist per 10 intellect, while resist all affixes can hit values of 50 and higher. You absolutely cannot gain +500 intellect from an affix.

And finally dexterity is the only mandatory stat for all characters looking to improve defense, because dodge does not come from any known source of affix. Though only a small ammount (100-200) is really necessary for maximizing purposes.
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I'll itemize for Damage Reduction>Str>life steal.
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05/12/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Justbeef
55str for enigma and rest vitality

this duh.
I always put 5-10 in int. cuz im a noob though
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Strength ~ Vitality > Dexterity > Intellect

I wouldn't really suggest purposely getting any stat other than Strength or Vitality. Which one you wish to get at any given time would depend on your survivability somewhat. Strength will probably be better at least to an extent because it improves damage and survivability. Vitality improves life which also improves survivability arguably to an even greater extent than armor depending on which skills you have with synergies directly relating to max health or Vitality. One of the less obvious synergies in this respect is the passive Nerves of Steel. It brings the bonus to armor gained from Strength over to Vitality as well and on equal terms. So if you were ever poised by having to make the decision between getting more health or more armor, this eliminates it. This example excludes the offense variable but if it's a nice option to have nonetheless.
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05/12/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Justbeef
55str for enigma and rest vitality

I lol'd
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My Barb is prolly gonna have most of his stats pumped into pimping, but some into baller and maybe a few into thuglife, idk if I'll even put any into strength hopefully pimping will cover his slaps.
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