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TL2 is scurred.

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Talking about TL2? Let's read what they have to say about Diablo 3.


(creators of Torchlight II)
Witch Doctor – Max Schaefer, CEO, Runic Games
“I’m rolling a Witch Doctor because it’s the weirdest class. I usually end up just wanting to mash things, so I’ll go Barbarian eventually, but my first will be a Witch Doctor for sure.”

Barbarian – Travis Baldree, President, Runic Games
“I was going to say a Wizard, but who am I kidding. I’m going to have to take a Barbarian out first time. Smashing things until they aren’t things anymore is a special pleasure, and I really, really like axes.”
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TL2 looks like shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Having played up to level 20 in Torchlight II, and multiple classes; TL2 is a fun game, but it just doesn't compare to Diablo III. It doesn't have anywhere near the creativity of D3, and doesn't do anything new. It's the same ARPG i've been playing for over 12 years now.
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Uhm... sorry for the dumb question, but what does TL2 stand for?
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Torchlight 1 was not a failure!

Some Diablo II devs worked on Torchlight 2 with devs from the Fate series, which Fate is very similar.

None of them suck for their cost. Fate with it's 2 expansions (There is a 4th Fate game 2011 release if I recall, but it's a new game entirely) is a $10 jewel case offering now, that's when I finally bought it.

I pre-ordered TL2 the day Steam first showed it available.

D3 devs are going to also play TL2, even Jay Wilson mentions it, and I agree it's not a sucky game, yeah the graphics take getting used to, but I played games with 2 colors!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU SPOILED BRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Jay Wilson the Messiah himself said most hardcore ARPG fans will buy both games so how is this even an argument

Only fanboys stick to 1 game in a genre
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I'm just joking about that, I have gotten graphics jaded too over time.

I tried Age of Conan again (2008 release) now that is free2play, I had made a max character when it came out, I couldn't stand it for 5 mins and flushed the 20 gig of downloads.

Graphics though can't hide awful game play, I recall being entralled with text adventures back in the day.

'You have saved ___! GAME OVER, would you like to start over Y/N?'


...and if you didn't play Titan Quest, you really missed a great game for 2005-2006 era.
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