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Headset for people with glasses?

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I cant seem to find a pair of headset to use that feels comfortable with my glasses.
I have a steelseries siberia v2 which people say its suppose to be really light and comfortable but after an hour or so it hurts my ears.
I have a $10 pair thats really comfortable but the sound quality is lol.
So my 4 eyed friends, what headsets you using! help me out.
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Just get a USB mic and some ear buds. Headsets are just plain uncomfortable.
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05/12/2012 08:27 AMPosted by Zoom
Headsets are just plain uncomfortable.
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05/12/2012 08:27 AMPosted by Zoom
Just get a USB mic and some ear buds. Headsets are just plain uncomfortable.
Not to mention headsets are bad quality mics and speakers, and over priced.
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These are what I use;


Call it an investment.
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I have a nice pair of plantronics. They're fairly big I've never found them uncomfortable with my glasses on. Here's a pic to give you an idea of what to expect.

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05/12/2012 08:27 AMPosted by Zoom
Just get a USB mic and some ear buds. Headsets are just plain uncomfortable.

Although he doesn't wear glasses, my son has a pair a Bose ear buds and they are pretty awesome. He uses his Kinect for the microphone. Something like this would work for glasses wearers.
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The Siberia V2's are solid for glasses. At least for me. They float on your head. so comfy
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05/12/2012 08:27 AMPosted by Zoom
Just get a USB mic and some ear buds. Headsets are just plain uncomfortable.

I do this, more or less. I have a headset (the !@#$ty kind that look like old earphones that wrap around the back of your head) that I just set around my neck with the mic facing up and just the mic aux cable plugged in, earbuds for sound. (bose earbuds too, they're about $100 but they're the most comfortable thing you'll ever put in your head, ever. Unparralleled sound too.)
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As a fellow "damn you eyes why do you suck so bad" person i feel your pain op. I have a plantronics gamecom headset... It was a pretty penny(I think retail was 99 a year ago when i got it, but it was on sale for much less at the time) Super big fluffy ear bits, has never been uncomfortable except for after hours and hours and hours of gameplay.
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Ear buds, in my opinion, suck. They are small, usually fall out of your ear, sound bad and are uncomfortable after a while (for me, at least).

Sennheiser 598 + Olympic microphone

Plugged into an HT Omega eClaro

The headphones are the most comfortable things ever, but there is one drawback, they are really really loose. I have a large head, (size 55x18 glass frames) and these headphones still manage to come off if I jerk my head. But the good thing is that I forget that their on some times and take them with me, till the cord says no :O
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i also use the steel series v2. compared to the last cheapo headset that wrapped around my ears, these things are heaven.
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Huh, I wear glasses and I never had a problem with headsets . . .

I have a Razer Carcharias
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I'm not hardcore, and used to be a PS3 gamer, so I have Turtle Beaches Earforce P21 (their first PS3 headset) and it also works as a USB PC headset.

I use that and I wear glasses/contacts, but glasses only for gaming because otherwise my eyes dry out, and I never have ear pain or anything from them. They don't hug your head tight and go completely around your ears (Unless you have huge ears) so it's super comfortable for me, and is very good quality.

Not optimal for PC-only gaming though :(
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I wear glasses as well, and use a Plantronics Gamecom headset with no issues. It has pretty big, and soft ear covers, so I can use it for extended times without it causing irritation from pressing on the earpieces.
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I've been using a set of Logitech H555 for about a year now. They're pretty light and I can go about 10 hours before they start to be an issue. I could probably go longer but have some heavy frames.
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