Diablo® III

Diablo Haiku's

My father's gone mad
No one can find my brother
Need to find answers

With Griswold's weapons
And Cain's Horadric knowledge
I will be fighting

They suspect the church
Haunting screams echo within
I think I'm ready

Heard of the Butcher
A brutally large demon
A hard fought battle

The Skeleton King
Undead Leroic rises
No longer my dad

The chamber of bone
So many skeletons here
Very nice treasure

Through the burning caves
And fire throwing demons
I will persevere

Disturbed Lachdanan
Needs freed by the golden vile
Now rest well my friend

Found Lazarus' staff
Cain suspects a sacrifice
Hope it's not Albrecht

Found the archbishop
Killed him and his succubi
Wasn't my brother

Cain says Diablo
He has caused Tristram's problems
My final mission

Through the pentagram
Now flipping the four switches
Behold! The demon

He stands at twelve feet
And can summon blasts of fire
Odds are against me

Long, hard fought battle
Somehow, terror itself fell
Now where is Albrecht?

The demon contorts
Diablo had taken him
My brother's now dead

I must contain him
The soulstone is not enough
Unless in my skull

I see a red glow
I hear whispers of the damned
Am I strong enough?

And so my tale goes
The story of prince Aidan
Lord of Terror now
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You sword and board huh?
something you should know by now
spinning is winning
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Feel free to make and post any you come up with. If you don't remember what a Haiku is, it is a 3 line poem with the pattern of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Enjoy

Dark, mysterious
Noble, yet vengeful and quick
the Demon Hunter

Reborn, Rebirthed - 4 syllables (5)
His brothers abandoned - 6 syllables (7)
Terror finds it's way

Destruction, Hatred
yet they don't compare at all
Diablo is Hells Lord - 6 syllables (5)

Just had to point that out. :s

Anyway, heres mine:
The vengeful, hateful
The rightous, the destroyer
The Demon Hunter
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The smart and witty,
With knowledge, curiosity
Wizard's great power
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twas once a safe place,
for the seekers of all peace,
tis now a battle field.

-Sanctuary, once home to the freedom fighters, now home to war.
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I used to be weak
and then I understood that
I should spin to win
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90 Tauren Druid
I used to be weak
and then I understood that
I should spin to win

A good phrase indeed,
But we all must remember,
This is not Runescape.
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Oh, useless Leah
Was only a plot device
Except for dat @ss
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This is a series of Haikus, that are to be read in order.

Part One, Diablo Died:

The Computer Screen
Diablo Just Hardly Died
When The Seizures Strike

Part Two, The Seizure:

I Thrash And I Burn
Feeling The Pain Of Seizures
Blizzard, I'll Sue You

Part Three: The Courthouse

Blizzard Won The Case
Because They Are So Loaded
They Wear Solid Gold

Part Four: The Throwing of Bricks

I Have A Few Bricks
Ready To Be Thrown At Blizzard
They Gave Me Seizures

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