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What gave you your first nightmare?

Pretty sure mine was Poltergeist. That clown scene gave me nightmares for weeks as a kid.
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The first Critters movie.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
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The first nightmare I can link to media would actually be The Butcher, when I was 12. XD

I still have a nightmare about him, every year or so, too. O_o
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Extra Fast Lightning Enchanted Undead Flayers from Act 3 in D2 Hell difficulty. You only realize your mistake when Frozen Orb hits the pack of them and you die.
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90 Human Warlock
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Michael Jackson wearing a clown mask breaking into my house and taking me to the cemetery where he sings "Thriller" all night long, and the zombies eventually suck all the blood out of me, something on the lines of that.
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rescue 911 about a fire... kept a block of wood next to my window for weeks in case I had to break it out to escape a fire (why I couldn't just open it, I don't know, lol).
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Never had a nightmare.
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I had the Chronicles of Narnia books read to me when I was really young. In the last book there was this bird-man creature that there was an illustration of - really creepy and definitely showed up in my nightmares throughout my childhood.

I remember always expecting to just see a beak slowly start emerging from my closet or outside my window in the dark...

*Edit - found it. His name is Tash: http://narnia.wikia.com/wiki/Tash

**Another Edit - I hope there's a monster like him in D3 so I can kill him over and over....
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Fire in the Sky. That movie screwed me up.
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100 Pandaren Priest
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The Butcher.

Okay, not the first nightmare, but he sure as hell could scare a 7 year old.
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I cannot explain what my first nightmare is because it is so wtf I think there literally are not words to describe it. Nothing caused it though, just random =3.
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The original tv movie Watchers. the one with the uber smart golden retriever that typed with a pencil. Someone pleas gime a "yes i seen that"?
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The exorcist.
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I have to say it must be Stephen King's movie called "It" I was so young and it freaked me out. That clown was freaky.
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05/13/2012 10:22 PMPosted by Necrzul
The exorcist.
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The cryptkeeper from HBO

damn puppet..
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85 Worgen Hunter
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None of my early nightmares were based on anything that I could pinpoint. They were just really disturbing and random (creepy mannequin in closet coming to life, that sort of stuff).

I did have a more startling than scary dream though where my various bedroom furnishings got faces and were able to move. I think that was a result of watching The Brave Little Toaster too many times.
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05/13/2012 10:15 PMPosted by Sofia
The first Critters movie.

Same. ><
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