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What gave you your first nightmare?

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05/13/2012 10:36 PMPosted by Heles99
There one was I cant remember the name of and just remember bits and pieces . IT was about some kids that found a weird stone and it opened a portal to hell in their house. One of the kids got infected some how and had eyeballs on his hands. AT the end this big demon came out and they launched a model rocket at it with something in it and killed the demon and closed the portal.

The Gate.

Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOX6-Rw5PWc

It is better than the trailer makes it seem.
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The wolf thing from the Never Ending story
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Believe it or not. Secret of Nimhe where the mice get sucked down the airshafts. [Mice + Fanblades = Horror ]
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Children of the Corn. To this day, I am still creeped out by cornfields. Even after re-watching the movie and realizing how terrible it was.

*edit* Also, Creepshow - the part about the guy with the cockroach problem? Still freaked out by bugs to this day.
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When I was about 3-4 years old(some 30ish years ago), I went to a JC Penney store with my mom, grandma and uncle. As we were going through the toy section, there was a Cookie Monster doll that was missing an eye and that freaked me out. During a nap later that day, I had a dream of a massive ghostly Cookie Monster head in the sky and I woke up screaming about Cookie Monster not having an eye.
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Beetlejuice! Not even the movie, the stupid cartoon they based on it. I had a nightmare about opening my closet and seeing Jacques the skeleton in there. I think I was around 4-5.
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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

And the cryptkeeper (which I would attribute to EC Comics well before HBO), more specifically the episode titled The Raft.
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Michael Jackson.
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The earliest one I can remember was from watching my cousin play the first Resident Evil after it had just been released in the US. Since then, I've had a bit of a zombie-phobia up until the past few years (still can't handle movies, though) >.>;
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I saw poltergeist when I was about 7. That started the fear. Add in some freddy, jason, a boyfriend for 4 years who had an obsession with zombies, yeah. I can't handle scary.
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So, anybody here experiences sleep paralysis or OBE? I can't be the only one. :/
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My Mum leaving my Dad.
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The Exorcist...
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Might sound stupid but I'm pretty sure it was G'mork, the wolf from NeverEnding. Been fascinated by wolves ever since. Also, not really a "nightmare" but when the Grinch smiles (that curly, exaggerated smile from the old animation) I've had dreams where I see people I know do that and it is really unsettling.
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David Cronenberg's The Fly (1986)
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My first and only nightmare was a result of my Jack-in-the-box.
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The monster in the crate from Creepshow.

Also, if anyone remembers a series called Tales From The Darkside, the episode with the little creature that lived in a tiny closet in a bedroom. That thing freaked me out as a kid.
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The first Alien Movie, hands down! When Tom Skerritt is in that tunnel with only a flame thrower and the guys are trying to tell him where the Alien is showing up on the motion sensor through his headset...yeah didn't sleep for weeks
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