Diablo® III

Punish + Maniac Runes, No Spender


Single Target: Punish and Maniac Runes
AOE: Furious Charge + Earthquake
Defensive: Ignore Pain + Overpower

What do you guys think?
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mmm u need lifesteal or some def passive, i dont think ignore pain is enough in inferno
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I'd prefer something like:

For healing:
  • Overpower hits every enemy in 9 yards, and heals 8% of your HP for each one hit (15sec CD)
  • Revenge procs 15% of the time you are hit, and hits every nearby enemy, healing 8% of your HP for each (no CD)

For AOE, both of the healing moves hit multiple targets - and you have Earthquake for big groups every once in a while. :)

Ground stomp + Ignore Pain both fling enemies back, one stunning for 3 seconds - the other granting you damage reduction.

Passives are identical -- but I agree that more defensive passives might be needed for inferno mode, but we really would need to play to see what needs changed if anything.
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I don't understand why you are using 2 single target generators.
If you plan to alternate, they won't be doing as much damage as you think.
The bash buff will stack with frenzy, but the frenzy buff does not stack with bash.
Frenzy buff actually doesn't stack with anything but itself.
So, you will be doing more damage with both than just one, but it will be incredibly minute.
Also, the frenzy buff will be additive (as seen in the art of war forum) so it will be much less effective at higher levels and exceptionally outperformed by bash all day.
If I were you, I would use the onslaught rune on bash and use your other slot for some more AOE.
Maybe you want to min/max your single target though... It's up to you.
The bosses aren't going to be as hard as all of the champion packs in this game though.
Cleave with the extra damage rune seems nice.
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Also, you have no defense and you're gonna die.
Ignore pain is you only defensive ability and quite honestly it's a poor choice.
I would go War Cry with the + resistances rune. Also, most likely you will be forced to use mighty weapons with a build like this, so the weapons master passive isn't going to be very helpful. You're going to get to full fury fast. Take Tough as Nails. Also, you might need another defensive passive in place of brawler. Just feel it out. Nerves of Steel and Superstition are good.
Also in the realm of defense, Leap offers a lot better defensive abilities and more diverse mobility than charge, so you might want to think about changing.

If you feel like going with Bash + Onslaught then overpower seems really good. Each bash has 3 separate chances to crit. Other than that, you honestly might consider Ancient spear with the healing rune for better single target healing (it will be a massive heal. like around 65% of your health) or revenge.
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