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So I get this error when I attempt to install on one of my 3 harddrives. I am able to install on the other two. Is it because it's an SSD? That doesn't make any sense to me, however.

Screenshot here: http://imgur.com/EochL

128GB SSD that is brand new, holding the OS on it.

The other two drives are HDD.
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Meritorious, once you've installed on your hard drive, you can just move or copy the Diablo III folder to your SSD.
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SSD and HDD shouldn't matter. It wouldn't allow me to set the program up in my actual Program Files on any of my HDs. I had to suggest a completely unrelated folder and put it in there.

ie. Computer > Lauren (Where you can select Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc)

I don't know why it won't allow the Program Files folder, but hope that helps a little.
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Aeternia ,

If your SSD is using drive letter A or B, it won't work. Those drive letters can't be used by Diablo III.

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Run as Administrator, worked for me.
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Omrakos: Didn't realize that drive letter mattered! It's set as B. Problem solved! Thanks.
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Ugh, I know this isn't the exact place for this, but maybe you can help. When attempting to change Disk Letter via Disk Management, I get an error stating "The Parameter Is Incorrect." I suppose I can just install on another disk and move it over, I just assumed this other method would expedite the process.
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I wish I read the rest of this thread before I started the installation to a different drive. >.<
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Can I install to drive e: and then copy the directory to drive B:?
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this is so stupid......i run ssd as C: and have my raid set to B: for games...lovely how some stupid !@#$ as drive letter is making me instal this game to my ssd....absolutely useless %^-*ing tech support
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(((This is a fix for the 'Drive Letter' issue, so if you do have vital programs I would be wary of doing the below instructions without backing-up your programs.)))

Windows 7 users:

Right Click on 'Computer' icon on your Desktop or in your Start menu, then select 'Manage'. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

In the left pane, Click 'Disk Management'.

Right-click the 'Drive' that you want to change

Click 'Change Drive Letter and Paths...'

Click 'Change'

Click 'Assign the following drive letter' bubble

Click the 'drop-down' on the right that shows the 'current drive letter', and select that 'new letter' you want to use

Click 'OK' when your done selecting the new letter

Congrats! you just changed your 'Drive Letter'

If you had the D3 installer up when you did this, you will need to close it, and re-run it to get it to recognize the new letter.
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Hi, don't mean to add potentially obvious information but I just solved this problem for myself...

I was trying to use the game disc from the original retail copy I bought to install the game which wouldn't let me install on my D: HDD (My non OS one).

Turns out installing the most updated version installer from the Battle.net website allowed me to install to a different HDD without any problems at all.

Heck, could be the solution someone out there needs, happy gaming :)
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