Basically this build is to keep enemies at a distance.!Zdg!cYccbc

Blazing Spiders - Easy spammable damage that doesn't require me to aim that much. Plus I'm sure they'll look cool lol.

Grasping Spirit - While enemies are being contained by my pets my haunt can do its damage and slow the enemies down by 30%.

Leaching Beasts - Helps my zombie dogs live longer and helps me out. Keeps baddies off me.

Bruiser - Takes some pressure off the zombie dogs and does some pretty good passive damage. Both this guy and the zombie dogs will be out at all times.

Mass Hysteria - If enemies do get close I can hit them with this and it even stuns enemies that don't get confused. Good defensive skill.

Dead Rush - So basically if enemies do get close and after I hit them with Mass Hysteria I want to make them pay a bit. Enter Dead Rush. Big damage capabilities and a short cooldown.


Jungle Fortitude, Zombie Handler, and Fierce Loyalty - Basically I used my passives to make sure my pets become viable at later stages. In the case of Fierce Loyalty I have to set my guy up to where I can effectively use that.