Diablo® III

WARNING! Game breaking bug spotted error 3006

85 Gnome Warlock
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error 3006 again as it gets to the loading heros part
Wow this is what they actually think of us all that we will put up with anything. thanks for the effort and respect Blizzard!
85 Draenei Shaman
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Woot....this sucks. :( demon hunter shield swap definitely had nothing to do with the problem. I haven't even been into the game yet and getting 3006 at character creation as well as initial log in. And the ERROR 37 is kind BS if you ask me. The open beta weekend was supposedly to test server capabilities and make sure they'd work under heavy load. Can't help but wonder what did happen that weekend?
i wish they would get the 3006 error fixed the 37 seems fixed but now its this 1
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lol really wow
If i only knew sooner i would never choose that evil templar as my follower and i would NEVER give him a shield. Evil bastard :< I wanna play.
This bug is effecting me and I have never successfully logged into the game. Errrrrrr.
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please fix. getting error 3006. didnt attempt to do anything with the shield, just got booted at jondar for nothing.

same problem here...
I am getting the error 3006 after making a character and timing out
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Getting a 3006 after finally getting into character create, making a WH, trying to play as that, timing out on load it seems, now it gets stuck on character listing with that error.
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05/14/2012 11:02 PMPosted by Lylirra
so how do you avoid this?

It's a very specific issue. You'd need to a) create a Demon Hunter, b) loot a shield, and then c) trade it to your templar before killing Jondar and hiring him. If you avoid just one of those requirements, you should be able to avoid this particular disconnect.

Im on a witch doctor, didnt loot a shield, didnt trade it, i was in town when i was fighting jondar to sell and i got booted.

please fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm getting 3006 before I even get to the character creation screen. This is so disappointing.
well done blizzard, I slept over this error. Past 6 hours no fix since. I woke up tried and still error 3006..
Having an issue! I'll fill out my login name and password but the login button never highlights so I cant click on it. Whats the deal?!?!?
having tis error, and I have never logged in. Why is this problem? firewall?.
05/15/2012 01:41 AMPosted by CharlieMurph
Having an issue! I'll fill out my login name and password but the login button never highlights so I cant click on it. Whats the deal?!?!?
I was online for 2 hours - then i did that fuking shield thingy - FML!
and to think i took 4 days off of work for this... hope i won't lose them all...
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