Diablo® III

WARNING! Game breaking bug spotted error 3006

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Good looking out.
So, un-equipping the shield and then giving it to the Templar works? Or is this a bad idea too?
I wouldt risk messing with shields or any equipment on templar until blizzard gives a response about the issue :p
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i would just avoid giving/taking items from the templar until they patch it. an item change isnt going to make a huge difference in the first 20-30 levels. being locked out of the game will :)
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Uh...solution: play with a RL friend.

Then the templar is a non-issue.

why do you feel that need to be a smart-!@#? The OP has given advice to help people.
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Bump "again"
Bumpity- because you know someone's going to do this at 6:00 AM then have a stroke.
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"Error 3006 bars our way...BUT THE WILL OF A TEMPLAR IS ST-"
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thanks for the heads up
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first useful post on these forms in the last 2 hours.. bump
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Has any of them with the error tried an Account recovery? Just a thought...
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good heads-up man, thanks! although i dont think my DH will use a shield so i shouldn't be doing it by mistake
the tech support thread is here if anyone experiences the issue (I hope not :()


ah well, I think Im gonna cry myself to sleep now :/ keep the thread up and please report for sticky :)
bump too
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Oh wow that is one of the worst bugs I've heard of. I mean besides that one game where when you uninstall it, it deletes your entire C drive.

I hope they fix this one fast. This is ruining people's D3 launch D: so sad.
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omg man, i was wanted the answer to this bug. and is the !@#$ing shield i placed in my mercenary... OMG BLIZZARD

FIX IT PLEASE........................................
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