Diablo® III

WARNING! Game breaking bug spotted error 3006

hell on earth 3006
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i WAS experiencing this issue, I didn't try to log in for about 3 hours and I just tried and it went up just fine.

I say again, I WAS stuck getting 3006 after I directly switched shields with my templar follower, the game froze, i alt-f4ed my way out of it, and I was unable to log in. but NOW i'm back on my DH on the Americas server.

Give it a shot guys, they may have fixed it.
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3006 for me still.
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good to kno thnx
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I had the Templar following me and didn't give him anything. Then I could walk around but couldn't cast spells or do anything, exited and tried to log back in but got this 3006 error.
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Also still 3006. Sigh... was having fun too.
So, CS told me that there is no fix and that I'll have to wait until the hot-fix the issue. Said he's not able to delete the character.

The wait is what's killing me. I just want to enjoy it with the rest of my friends.

same here. nearly 17h now. maybe any kind of ETA? i know the "when it's done" !@#$ is pretty popular for u blizz guys but maybe u should have released the game "when it's done" instead of the hotfix for a pretty obvious and stated here corectly "game breaking" bug.
and this is why I hate when these types of games are like this where you have to log in to play. To play a coop/single player game, they should have put in the feature where you could play off line or in a LANS.
i gave a shield to my templar way after the skeleton king on my demon hunter and the game disconnected and now i only get 3006 error on americas server way to give wrong info blue saying it only happens before jondar...
THIS STILL ISN"T FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just took a 2 and a half hour nap WTFFFFFFFFF
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This happened to me after defeating Jondar and after i hired the merc!!

I tried to replace his shield with mine. Lag indicator went red and i was running around a ghost level until i quit the game. Now i have the 3006 error.

Is there any files that can be deleted like in wow's interface folder? Restared comp, flushed dns, power-cycled the modem/router...nothing works!
I've been down since 7:00 AM *CST it's now past 12:00.. this is so fcking stupid. Thanks for wasting my day off blizzard.
Bump. Ty
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Ya ive been down since 3:30 am CST and its past 12... wtf.... thats plenty of time to fix a GAMEBREAKING bug....
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This about sums up how I feel right meow.

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Still getting this error, been blocked for about 8 hours myself.

I've played a bit on EU servers to pass the time. Ping isn't that great though.
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I was having so much fun to...
Good Looking Out with the heads up, OP. You saved the day for a lot of people with this post. I hope the devs get this cleared up and those who are locked out because of the bug can back in game soon.

That's a pretty SERIOUS "Bug" if you ask me. Having something knock you of game or loosing a connection is one thing, NOT BEING ABLE TO LOG BACK IN is far more serious than just a normal "Bug".
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