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WARNING! Game breaking bug spotted error 3006

I gave him shields from my inventory just fine in beta, but i did not try to give him a shield i was wearing.
what can we do guys? to wait blizzard?
Yikes. From what I read, anyone who put up the details of their crash seemed to have the same problem. They were playing Demon Hunter and tried to swap an equipped shield for their Templar's equipped shield. I think I will avoid all of those things for now. Anyone else see anything different?
Bump. Thanks for the heads up.
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bump again and sticky request
im demon hunter too.

how can blizzard read this post? we need a fix...

Does Blizzard knows the problem? ..........
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from what i read the problem that causes this error is either:

1. demon hunter with xbow+shield transfers shield to templars inventory.

2.(maybe more likely?) any class swapping his own equiped shield, with the templar follower's already equiped shield?

i dont have this issue but i feel your pain and i want to avoid and help getting solved at all cost lol
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problem like this would have been fixed within 1hour if it were s2 rofl
im one of those who got locked out f the game since last 3 hours and nothing is happening and no message from blizz. spread the word so it doesnt happen to you or ur friends.

lets hope they fix it fast. its depressing to have waited 11y to play agame and now u gettin screwed like this!
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Has anyone swapped a shield to the Templar from their inventory, one that wasn't equipped on their DH toon?

At this point I probably won't swap any items to the Templar at all, just to be safe. Just wondering if anyone has in fact swapped from their inventory and not been hit with this bug.
wow, scary bug, thx OP
Posting this from my ticket, only made a post but maybe it helps
Started playing and everything worked fine.
After a few hours, I would replace my shield that I had equppied on my char with my companions (templar) with his shield. It was obviously not that good and I lost my connection to your servers. This will apparently be a problem that many people have so can you please fix it fast. I cant connect at all and everything I get is a "errormessage 3006" Do not know if this can help but I'm on the following "setup".
Demon Hunter (female)
Templar (companion)
Authenticator on my account
Latest client downloaded (heard it was something wrong with the first one)
Fully eq char (not rings or neck)
1 handed wep with shield ( wich I later traded with my templar when the crash occured)
Was lvl 10
Bump. Warn every one!
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Giving him a shield from your inventory does not cause a problem. I've never given him anything I was wearing, come on people! You wear the good stuff yourself, why would you give it to a follower? Also... WHY is a Demon Hunter using a shield? It's a ranged class... I used 2h crossbows until I could get the 1 handers & equipped those.

So, just don't give him a shield at all, or get a different follower (there are THREE of them, we just only got him in the beta) until it's fixed.

Thank you for the heads' up OP, now it's up to everyone else to just play smart. =)
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We're aware of this issue and working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your reports!


  • When playing a Demon Hunter, giving a shield to your Templar before you kill Jondar and hire him can disconnect you from Battle.net.

(Edit: Error 33 information)
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05/14/2012 09:17 PMPosted by LadyShaie
Giving him a shield from your inventory does not cause a problem. I've never given him anything I was wearing, come on people! You wear the good stuff yourself, why would you give it to a follower?

because someone migth have found a better shield on the ground and put it in his inventory, and instead of equip new shield>move old shield to templar, they do: move equiped shield to templar>equip new shield?
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