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WARNING! Game breaking bug spotted error 3006

i'll just dismiss the templar, he'll slow me down anyways
1 hour and 10 mins remaining
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There have been numerous reports that people are getting error 33 before the game is released... Please Blizzard help them!!
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05/14/2012 10:52 PMPosted by KAIN
There have been numerous reports that people are getting error 33 before the game is released... Please Blizzard help them!!

Exactly. They're getting error 33 because its still "before the game is released". Or did I just fall for the troll?
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It's midnight pacific central time. Depending on where you live it could be a different time. Error 33 means the server isn't up yet.
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Xip fell for the trollololololloool :D Happily waiting another hour and 6 mins.
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so how do you avoid this?
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tell me you're kidding.
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Bump for valid gameplay fixes.
cant play till 2!!!!!!
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1 hour. Tick Tock Tick Tock!
so unbelievably bored, couldn't have another crank sesh if i tried
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05/14/2012 10:56 PMPosted by dInvisible
so how do you avoid this?

It's a very specific issue. You'd need to a) create a Demon Hunter, b) loot a shield, and then c) trade it to your templar before killing Jondar and hiring him. If you avoid just one of those requirements, you should be able to avoid this particular disconnect.
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Duly noted. Will avoid any of those situations like a plague. :)
youve gotta be kidding me.... I cant belive I waited in a line just to be let down this hardcore.
So... If I live in MN per say... I have to wait till 2 AM???
05/14/2012 10:40 PMPosted by SymbolOfRage
zedrin, usa characters are different. u cant pick ur main europe char.

I know, I'll just try a different class to get a rough feel for it.
Lylirra, it happened to me after kill Jondar.... It happened to me after Skeleton king........ In a cave in the goat enemies field.

Please, How long for fix it? I was level 9, i lost 5 hours of my time..... waiting... I would be level 20-25 now....

I hope a reward from blizzard atleast, this bug is sooo retarded.
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seeing morning hopefully they fix :(. even now i hope not to have to give it a shield because i am afraid of it happening.
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