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Can't open diablo 3 setup


The download worked totally fine, but I cannot open the setup file. I have archive utility and it's working fine, but it will not unzip the setup. When I try to open it says "You cannot use this version of the application Diablo III Setup with this version of Mac OS X." Nothing has worked, I even downloaded the new installer and I have the same problem trying to open it.
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Are you using the Blizzard Presale Downloader or the new D3 install client?
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I am having the same issue. I am trying to use the presale Downloader I think
same thing is happening to me. I bought it online, but it won't let me open the zip drive. same comment is coming up for me. Any idea how to fix it?
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Same exact issue for me.

I'm attempting to download from the "Download Games" page in Game Management on Battle.net; I purchased a WoW subscription, so Diablo 3 came free.
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same for me
i am having the same exact problem but blizz told me delete everything i had on my mac that involves diablo and start fresh but now when i try to click the game client for mac nothing comes up
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Oh, goody.

The reason I can't play is because I don't have Snow Leopard or Lion. So, I'll have to pay $29 for Snow Leopard at minimum and another $29 for Lion if I want to play at the recommended settings.

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Word to the wise: double-check what version of OS you're running. Chances are, it's less than 10.6.
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I have posted this several times. I had the same issue... I am on 10.6.8

1. Right click diablo III setup - one with no extension. Hit Show Package Contents.
2. New folder will open up. Contents > MacOS - Diablo III setup < open this.
3. Terminal opened up and asked for system password and started installing.
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I tried that, and it encountered an error, and terminated the installer. Any suggestions?
how do I find out if i'm running with what version of OS i'm running? if I don't have the right one, how do I upgrade?
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Oh, and by the way -- if you DON'T have Snow Leopard, you have to have it SHIPPED to you from Apple. It's not available in stores any longer per a discussion with an Apple representative just now. Also confirmed with my local Apple store.

So, if you're in the same boat as me... you're screwed for 4-5 days until Snow Leopard reaches you! Snow Leopard is the bare minimum -- but you can upgrade to Lion instantly online (most preferred).

To find the OS version: click the Apple in the top left-hand corner. Then, "About this Mac" -- your version is underneath the Mac OS X logo. Snow Leopard is 10.6.
I did exactly what you said and the setup program did load. However, I then receive an Error 108 "Unable to load Installer Tome 2.MPQE"
Any suggestions?
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Can't open setup Fix it Blizzard, i have 10.6.8 aswell
In case this applies to anyone... try this
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same problem.. fix this blizzard
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Seriously! 110 this game costing us..I need to know after paying these these upgrades for mac Does Diablo work?
omg so i have to go to the apple store and buy snow leopard to download v 10.6, is there another update after i need to play d3?
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