Diablo® III

where do i get my CD key

i just bought the digital copy where do i get my cd key from?
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Check your Battle.net account.

Does it show a Diablo 3 game attached to your account? If you purchased it through your account I don't believe you will need one, as it will be similar to SC2 - you log in with your account name (e-mail address) and password. If Diablo 3 is assigned to your account you can proceed.

I think the CD key is for people purchasing a physical copy who need to register it online to associate it with their account.
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if your account says active you don't need to worry about a cd-key, especially if it is a digital copy
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I think what threw the OP off is when you first try to install the pre-downloaded client, it sends you to Battle.Net asking you to put in a CD key. At least it did for me.
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did same for me.
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Yes, I was sent to a battle.net screen also after about 10% of the install process. It is stuck at 10% until I either 'Enter Game Key' or 'Purchase a Digital Game'. I go the Annual Pass, so obviously the game is free. It said active when I chose to download the game client from the battle.net page. Am I to assume its the same game key as my WoW copy? or sit/fall asleep calling blizzard on the first day of the launch?
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I am downloading the diablo3-digital download, when It's done the program asks for a cd-key. The text says that the cd-key should have been showed to me after the purchase, but I can't find it here on the page or in the downloader meny.

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I have the problem too, just bought the game via my account and the order has been completed. The thing is, I do not have a game key to add the game to my account (the game did not automatically add to my account) and because I can not add the game to my account, I can not download the client.. What to do?
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seriously need help here, mine is shown as active as well but i cant find any CD key everywhere in the website and there the installer asked me to provide cd key
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Having the same problem
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I have the same problem but i get this message reoccurring. http://2.imgland.net/Dqal3.png so i press okay and it just pops up again. Even thought Ive downloaded the game after having the annual pass expecting it to be smooth and it wont even let me install the game.....
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yeah me too it thrown me off. Was kind of bad Blizzard. could have planned this one a bit better ;)

Thanks though, this helped me reduce confusion and sort it, you dont need to put the key in there especially if it says active, and you got a digital version of the game

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If you have purchased a digital copy, the battle.net puts in the code and activates Disblo 3 for you. You do not need to activate it.

Activation is only for physical copies of the game such as the CD-standard and the collector's editions.
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yes, just like Shadowknight says you don't need a key for the digital copy.

Just press "no I don't have a cd-key" and the game will install, and then you can play!

I did this and it works fine now, have been playing non-stop
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what if u have starter edition (re install it ??)
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I still have the same problem, it keeps saying i have to reinsert the disc and the installation won't go further than 1 pct. I bought it digitally and it says active on the site but keeps referring me to activate my account ... :s
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thanks for the explanation. but what i dont understand is that i tried the game from my friends hard copy with the guest key and after finishing up to the first act, i went on purchasing it online. now it asked me to download and install the game again without any cd key. do i have to do that all over again? thanks
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If you have bought the game digitally and the system now reads that you have the starter edition instead, you would need to call Blizzard to correct this issue.

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I brough a digital copy diablo 3 game, it download and all. I would like to get the guest pass for my friend to try the game too, when I go to the guest website it ask me for the game key. Is there anyone know how to get it?
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