I've been having almost every problem on the forum w/ no resolution. Originally I download the game and it kept crashing on me over and over, then I kept deleting the Battlenet folder in programdata repeatedly until the entire thing was download (took maybe 3 days on a 12MB download connection). Then it gave me errors when installing because the files ended in .part but the installer kept crashing and wouldn't continue. Now i tried to redownload and am getting the Agent 954 crashing everytime and not letting me download anything.

Rather than complain, I'd just like to suggest a solution. Blizzard, please just put up a .zip file on your website with the game (in full, the 8GB file) and let us download that instead of the downloader/installer programs. The game itself requires online battle.net validation to play so just dodging the downloader altogether would remedy the majority of problems. I'm not being facetious, I've just spent a long time trying to get the game up and running or prepared for prelaunch and it's failed. I don't see any signs of me being able to play the game otherwise which basically means $60 down the drain. I purchased a digital copy so this is kind of the only option here so far is the downloader and it hasn't worked.