so I got the installer and downloaded Diablo sweet sauce right? Nope

It tells me my driver may be out of date and I look it up and it seems it was right so I updated my driver and diablo ran a bit smoother and was actually loading faster on start-up. Then I went on wow and my graphics were well best way to say is think of a brown cardboard box then triangles cut out of it. Didn't make sense and I figured it was the settings so I changed it in all the ways I could think of then I come on here thinking that the update was really not needed and I messed up.

I was right in a sense because when i came on these forums there was a blue post. The so called hot fix AMD did actually didn't work and as I have a ATI 4000 series which is still buggy from the looks of it if that blue post made 6 hours ago is anything to go by. So I am curious should I just system restore to this afternoon and re download diabo or is there a solution other then the hotfix?

P.S Anyone else not get a desktop icon? I got it and I do not have it saved on my computer anywhere only way I can get to the game launcher is through the setup. Is that normal or did something screw up?
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