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soo who watched games of throne lastnight

do you think that was the real boys burnt at the end?
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85 Draenei Shaman
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the answer is obvious; do you really want everything spoiled for you? Theon is a *@!@ and he has no balls, but he also has no choice if he wants his people and his family to respect him.
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85 Orc Death Knight
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I've read all the books.

I could ruin your day but I won't.
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85 Troll Priest
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I'm pretty sure it was the two orphan children.
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I know the answer but I won't tell you. =p
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The look on Theon's face seemed to indicate he was shocked or surprised. So it was definately not Bran and the little one.
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Yeah I have a feeling it was the orphans. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DRAGONS?
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idk how she is going to get them back, my only guess is she will have to marry the fat guy
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05/14/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Rcon
idk how she is going to get them back, my only guess is she will have to marry the fat guy

Yeah, I bet. The warlock guy freaks me out. Like no other.
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yeah i watched that last night it was crazy i hope that was not bran and rikcon
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I think Snow is with his people
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106 Human Paladin
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When I this chapter in the books ended with Bran and Rickon burnt to a crisp I was so mad. I was madder than when Ned got the chop! I almost stopped reading the stupid series. Damn you GRRM!!!!!!!! Heartless bassturd!!!!!!!!!!

But after 15 mins of pacing around the house being pissed you pick it up again and keep on reading until he does it to you again over and over.

GRRM! You brilliant evil man!
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