Diablo® III

Installer stuck at 0%....any new fixes?

I get the below minimum system requirements and that I need an updated OS error. I am running on a fully updated vista OS and tried alot of the fixes. I'll list what I tried and if something else has worked for you let me know so I can try.

-Ran as admin and in compatibility mode
-Ended agent.exe process
-Deleted battle.net in program data
-Secondary Logon is enabled

I'm assuming its from the amount of people trying to connect at the same time so I may just sleep it out since its 3am EST and i've nearly rotted my brain trying to sort this all out. Any ideas?
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Never thought I'd want to get error codes. But even that would bring hope knowing its an isolated issue that can be fixed
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Same here, tried the exact same things but nothings changed. I cant figure out what to do next. Hoping they they give some help on how to fix the issue asap
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I would'nt hold your breath cause based on the forums they have a sea of errors to fix before they can worry about us 0%ers
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So, essentially we're all !@#$ outta luck?
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im also having this problem, tried all the suggestions that have been posted
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I haven't seen any blue posts about it since like 4am EST and that was 6 hours ago. I hope waiting it out will work but since our issue is not with the gameplay that it will be down on the board of priorities
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If it's during install:

If it started happening after the game is installed make sure 'Automatically detect settings' is not enabled in:
  • Open Internet Explorer, press Alt + T, then click on: Internet Options -> Connections tab -> LAN Settings and uncheck everything.
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Already had all that unchecked....so should we start a we are the 0% movement?
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Almost 12 hrs ago i pressed install and it is still at 0% installing.. I just checked in my program files and i have 3 dif folders there for diablo 3. 1 of the folders is 7.62gb but all the files and foldersin that folder have the .temp extension.
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Guys i had the same problems as well with the most of you, so by reading post i tried to delete not only the c/programdata/battle.net folder but also the c/programdata/blizzard entertainment/battle.net folder. i tried to install everything goes fine for the time being..I hope that helps some of you. i have Vista btw..
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^ Worked for me. Windows vista
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Just made a new user and no luck so far
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Did you update your OS?
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Apparently the installation process is still taking place despite whatever the installer itself is showing. It's just really slow. Another thread mentioned the installation took up till 3 hours but it was completed. You'll be looking at about 7.62gigs worth on the folder or when the DiabloIII.ink.temp file on your desktop turns into the intended icon as indication that the installation is complete.

Edit: Best bet? Sleep while letting it install if you're not up for waiting.
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Yeah that was one of the first things I did. Getting really frustrated about this. I know its been less than a day but I'd love to be able to get to 1% by now. The thing that gets me the most mad is that there isn't even an error code
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I think our problem is the best of all that's going on right now; we actually have a shot at installing it. Try checking your Diablo3 folder from time to time and see how big it is.
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