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Stupid programing question

For Blizzards sins of making re-read books while I wait for the install to crawl onward, A programming question popped to mind: Why is a multi-core CPU listed as a system requirement? It seems absurdly silly.

I've been doing a great sum of re-study while I waited for the C++11 standard (for among other reasons it's standardization of a threading interface) and GCC 4.6 and 4.7 to roll out. I'm more then passingly familiar with how the hardware and at least the Linux Kernel handle threading. With at least more then a educated guess how the Windows kernel handles it.

Sense just after DOS computers have been multitasking. (To say nothing of the literally hundreds or thousands threads that run, sleep, and wake up under the heading "System Idle Processor".) What's more, there's not sure way to assure a OS -OR- hardware will not deem other CPU cores too busy and handle back a handle to lock all threads to run from a single core.

Hell, I've written a few multi-threaded libraries from scratch. I'm currently taking a brake from (re)designing and writing one.

Why is a dual-core CPU a system a requirement?
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Um, dude .... games have been multi-threaded for a while.

The scheduler in the OS is going to deal with assigning threads to cores. You'll note that most of the time windoze is pretty much idling so there's plenty of time slices available. That being said ... more is better.
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Which bring me back to not why is it useful, but why is listed as a system requirement?
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05/15/2012 01:30 AMPosted by PantheraLeo
Which bring me back to not why is it useful, but why is listed as a system requirement?

Likely for the layman. While I'm sure if you could find a CPU with a single core capable of the same power it would run, it just seems unlikely. I'd imagine it's more of a "you computer should at LEAST be new enough for a dual core to run this properly" than a "Dualcore is a must for x library/reason".

I'm drunk, I hope that made sense.

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I'd guess that since every modern desktop CPU is multi-core, it's just an easy catch-all to use instead of listing all the outdated, mobile, embedded device, etc. processors that the software won't run on.
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