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Gun Talk... .45 ?

It's all moot anyway, there are only three things that count in the end and that's shot placement, shot placement, and shot placement.

10mm is a sweet round.

...until you try to conceal something that fires it in warm weather.


10mm is a longer case, hence hand gun that fires it will tend to be longer, and any hand gun that takes a double stack magazine in 10mm will tend to be thicker- ergo weapons that fire 10mm are necessarily bigger than 9mm and usually even .45.

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Glock 21!

I love my Glock 23. Awesome, awesome, awesome guns.

05/14/2012 09:26 PMPosted by Grimshadow
Glock 21. Glocks are the ak's of handguns... ugly and reliable.

I think they look quite nice. Especially with the NiB-X coating. But yeah, they can take a beating. I was reading a thread on a glock forum a while back where a guy put one of his glocks through hell. Buried it in dirt, mud, sand. Fired after each of those. Shot the slide, still fired. Through it out of an airplane where it actually buried itself into the ground. I believe this is where it stopped firing. He pulled out the magazine and saw that some of the casings on the rounds had dented or creased. Changed magazines and it fired.

For the money, they are wonderful guns.

And how about this video of a glock 23: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFd3kF6LHz4

^Video is of a guy hitting a target at 230 (690 feet) yards with a G23. He is one hell of a shot, but that says a lot of glocks. Keep in mind that the G23 is the compact .40 cal glock.
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i have a kimber .45.i also have a ruger in the same caliber.both great guns.i would be hard pressed to pick my favorite.
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STI makes a fiiiine .45

My poor safe only has an RIA 1911 and a S&W M&P .45.

Still wish Rock River Arms made their version of the 1911. I heard a rumor they are coming back though. woot.
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I own a glock .40 compact size, and a comander (the short frame 4inch barrel) 1911 in .45..

The 1911 holds 7+1, and is heavy. It is small and easily concealed tho.

The glock holds 13+1, is lighter than the 1911, and only marginally wider (but also shorter), and just about as easily concealed.

I also own a sig p229 (.40), its a little wider than the glock, a little taller, a little heavier, and holds 1 less round..

the 1911 gets carried alot less than the other two... even at .05 smaller of a bullet, I'd really hate to get hit by a .40 critical defense hollow point..

so..imo, you should check out a glock compact (and subcompact) .40 or .45

dont believe what people say about glocks being inaccurate. Its from counter strike and the fact that people are retarded and talk crap about things they have never tried before. its probably marginally less accurate than my 1911 at ...30 yards... but if your shooting at someone with a handgun at 30 yards, you have made a serious mistake in planning somewhere else along the way.. most defensive use's of a handgun in the civilian market go down at under 15 feet (think about how wide the largest room in your house is). Also, consider that, if someone is more than 15 feet away and not pointing a gun at you, it'd be hard for you to claim self defense.
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05/14/2012 09:15 PMPosted by Vhyle

If you're worth a damn there's nothing on two legs that should take more than two rounds to put on it's back.

Especially from a .45 :D

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05/14/2012 09:00 PMPosted by Krustallos
springfield loaded 1911... awesome weapon
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