Diablo® III

"Animal Cruelty" build

First off, does anyone know if zombie dogs stack past 3 if you don't have handler passive, but have other skills that do summon dogs. I was watching a video youtube and Jay was saying you could end up having "more" dogs out. But if I can have more dogs out this way I may have to change up the build.

Pierce the veil, obviously for more damage output
Circle of life
Zombie handler/Gruesome feast/Bad medicine, unsure of which route ill end up going. Probably Bad medicine for more killing power.

Mouse skills:
Locust swarm/DS, Main skill to recover mana some mana back. I could also swap Widowmakers into here and move this to secondary mouse skill.

Soul harvest/Swallow, To increase damage output and base mana. I could swap this out for another offensive skill?

Bar skills:
Zombie charger/Explosive beast OR Zombie dogs/Final gift. This is where I'm up in the air about, if I can get away without Zombie dogs I will.

SACRIFICE/NEXT OF KIN, main attack, have as many dogs as possible and blow them up

Mass confusion/Devolution, as long I can kill and can keep exploding.

Big bad voodoo/Boogie man to summon more dogs and increase my damage OR hex/jinx just because it has smaller cool down.

I'm very excited to try this build out.
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Forgot to link the buid...

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You can't have more dogs out, when I was messing around with sacrifice in the beta, anytime circle of life procced a dog over the limit of 3 one of the living ones would die. Since the numeral 3 in the tooltip is green, I imagine that you could also get more if you found an item that adjusted the spell like some of the other legendary/set items that adjusted spell cooldowns. Who knows if you have both the passive and the item if we could get more than 4, I think it is possible but only that way.
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I was actually interested in doing this myself (even called the build the same thing). As far as I can tell you can chain it with various dog summons to put up absurd damage, but if there's not a lot of targets or if you have no dogs/CDs up you are going to be in a lot of trouble.

If I had to take a guess, the Sacrifice build will be a fun gimmick, but not reliable in higher difficulties. If the CD on Summon Dogs was dropped to 30 seconds, though, call P.E.T.A. because this !@#$ would be ridiculous.
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in the past they had such fun build names =D

sacrifice build = animal cruelty

there are queen's tyrant build...
the zombie gang build...
boom doggy build...

etc etc...
so many cool names lol

the coolest name I've seen in recent times is the scaredy bear build =D
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