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Finally...I can post my WD build...thoughts?

So I have been reading on these forums for a long time now and since I picked up my CE, I can finally post my comments to the forums! (It's the little things in life!).

Anyways...I have been playing with this build for a while and wanted to get some input.


The theme and my play style would be a summoner with AOE-DOT damage. All spells have DOT ability to allow me to cast multiple spells to maximize the amount of spells/damage being done at one time.

Leaping Spiders - Awesome primary that allows for low mana use and homing missle damage. If they can truely affect monster pathing this spell could work wonders. Great for tossing a few out then moving/running.

Groping Eels/Unbreakable Grasp - AOE damange with a snare. Not sure if I want more damage or more snare...

Draining Spirit - Great "cast and forget" single target spell with high damage output. Works as a lob spell to target specific enemies. I love the idea that is can jump to other targets after a kill to maximaze the bang-for-your-buck (mana). Runed to regen mana.

Phantasm - This spell is really the key to the whole build. If you can have multiple spirits up at once, that will stack, (Nobody really knows at this point) the idea would be to cast this multiple times to create a large field of 45% damage per tick per spirit. If this does not work as I hope, then i would probably switch out for an Acid Cloud spell.

Burning Dogs - Pets that do small damage, soft CC, affect pathing, and create an AOE damage (hopefully stacks).

Big Stinker - Pet with some armor (we hope!) that again creates an AOE damage ability.


Jungle Fortitude - Reduced damage for me and pets
Spiritual Attunement - Increased Mana and regen
Zombie Handler - More Dogs, Healthier pets to last longer.

I could see an encounter as follows:

-Engage group with GOTD to slow enemies
-Cast up a few Haunts to get damage and start mana regen
-Cast Phantasm until a large field is created (mana drain).
-Cast spiders when OOM
-All the while dogs and Garg are out creating AOE damaage around all enemies they engage.

Please let me know what you think...I have been playing around for a while and I think this build really could be strong, plus it fits my style of play (Warlock in WoW).
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You have 1 defensive spell.... grasp of the dead. I think it would work in normal but Hell and Inferno would probably be too much to handle with this setup.
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