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My OS is server 2003 enterprise which is the same as XP x 86/ XP 32 bit.

First fix, if you are stuck on updating then you need to go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data and delete the battle.net forlder.

Once you get past that then you can install the game. Unfortunately, for XP users you may get stuck on 0 percent install and the game will not install.

To fix this I had to take an unconventional method but it worked for me. I basically had a laptop with windows 7 on it. I installed d3 there and then I took the C:\Programs\Diablo III folder and copied it to a portable hardrive. I then transferred the folder onto my server's c: drive into the programs folder and ran it.

I know this is not the greatest fix but it works perfectly. To blizzard coders. Why do we need to introduce coding which blocks people from installing on a legitimate OS. This code is extremely annoying as its only purpose is to prevent installation. If it installs and works then good. If it installs and does not work then darn. Please at the very least, let it install.

Here is my thread.

Currently trying this method. Laptop has Windows 7, and the install works at least. At 7% now and climbing. Then I will try to transfer the install files over to my PC, running vista and not installing.

Fingers are crossed.
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Try Fix 4, Worked for me,


Oh snap! its moving now! at 2%
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Number 4 worked for me as well.
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Im having same issue Im pretty sure but Im looking at the folder now and things are actually getting bigger file sizes even at 0% for minutes and minutes and my pc is pretty updated Id say hardware wise.. Anyhow the diablo folder seems to be getting installed but the installer seems to show no % gain as this is happening.
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I seem to be having the same problem with windows 7 64 bit, run as admin does not work and I cannot find any folder called programdata
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u guys figured out how to fix this? Pls help others like me who cant install :(
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urgh well i played this game LOTS for a month or 2, have had about a month break...and had The "Infinite setup update files loop" after hours of frustration, i tried enabling secondary logon, which worked. NOW im stuck on 0 percent on the install screen (i uninstalled when trying to get in earlier) getting pretty pissed that this is taking so long. what is the problem? ps i checked the diablo 3 folder is indeed getting bigger, so im guessing once it is left for a long enough time HOPEFULLY it will complete install -_-
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Oh and sticky requested, talked to a friend in the same sortof boat as me today (had a vacation and came back to no access) so im guessing this may be a common problem.
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finally moved to 1%, goodgood
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I am having same problem, my installation stay at 0%, I am running Windows 7 with 64. Please how did you guys fix this problem?
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so i'm stuck at 0% but i've noticed it is actually installing cause i have a diabloIII folder that's getting bigger in my program files. possibly stupid question/suggestion but has anyone else noticed this? maybe the loading its just the loading bar. or something...
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I had lots of troubles with installing diablo 3 on my windows 7 and ı couln't work my orginal copy but-then ı gwent to the battle.net and downloaded clint so it's updating now ı think ı will have no problems ı suggest you to do the same it is now at %3.4 ı will tell you if it has worked later
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Umm i have windows 7 and when i try to install it,it says zero what do i do to fix this
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Getting stuck right away like that is usually a firewall or anti-virus program interfering. Temporarily disable any that you have and try again.
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After following pretty much all of the above, countless reboots, updates etc, setting explorer as default browser did the job for me. This was on a win7 machine, and the first install on it.
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I hope this helps because the above poster (sturm) did and said the same thing I did. Here was what worked for me:

I am on WINXP with all relevant SP's installed btw!

Ok! I have tried countless fixes and even submitted a ticket to Blizz who, of course, told me to delete the b.net folder in appdata, turn off firewalls and AV, and (I will NEVER UNDERSTAND THIS) update my video card drivers. Naturally, blizz's suggestions did not help (especially since I had done all these things already before submitting a ticket) so I combined a few different ideas in to one that worked for me.

1. I downloaded and installed Internet Explorer. I read some where that installing IE also installs some protocol (I am not entirely certain!) or something that the D3 Launcher needs to use to update.

2. I set IE to be my default browser after the install.

3. Make certain you have used ctrl+alt+del to stop the various agent.exe processes that occur. I left my launcher open all night just to see what would happen, if it would ever move past searching for updates, and in the morning there were over a HUNDRED agent.exe processes running. Wtf blizz?

4. Start D3. Give it a little bit to move past the searching for updates launcher thing.

5.Eventually, for me, the D3 launcher (with all the forum links and the play button) showed up (it hadn't before, remember?) and began REDOWNLOADING the small patch that came out after 1.08. I thought I had this already since I was playing just fine a few days ago but I guess not.

6. Finally, it might take a while to download the patch. Normally, the patch is done in just a short while but the download speed is VERY SLOW right now. No, blizz, it is not my machine. No, my video card drivers do not need to be updated.

So far, this is what has worked for me. I moved past the update thing and got the launcher going and now it is taking forever to download the patch. I've heard tell of some people being stuck at the D3 logo before the login screen comes up but hopefully that won't happen to me. If anything we are one step closer to fixing this for blizz.

This is really dumb blizz. Really, really, dumb.
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