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Problems with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400

Hello everyone.

I have graphic problems with Diablo 3 1.0.1, ATI Mobility Radeon D 3400, Catalyst 12.3 and Windows 7 N 64 Bit (en-US) on my Lenovo T400.
If I'm playing Diablo 3 in "Fullscreen", nearly all pixels are transformed into gray moving pixels. In "Window Mode" this gray moving pixels aren't there but I have other graphic problems.
I played "Risen" with my Notebook without any problems. I never saw this problem with other games before.

If I'm using "Fullscreen" and open the menu with "ESC" this random gray moving pixels are gone. After leaving the menu with "ESC" this pixel are back again.

This other graphic problems, I wrote above, have different results.
1. Sometimes animations of battle moves like Deadly Reach from the female monk ore from monsters aren't shown.
2. Sometimes some monsters are invisible
3. Light of torches are always buggy. It's like a big pixel.
4. Entries to houses in "New Tristram" have big strange pixels
5. Sometimes cheast are surrounded with strange big pixels.
6. Some other pixel problems that I can't describe or remember.

I uninstalled Catalyst and used Microsoft driver from Windows 7. This problems are also present with this drivers. Catalyst 12.4a couldn't remove my problems.
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Im having most of those bugs with my Radeon HD 3875
particles are realy glitch with those huge pixels and some mobs are invisble i can only see their shadow...
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I had a similair problem I was told I was prolly using the most recent 12.4 Driver pack which is buggy. They suggested i revert back to 12.3. I did and it cleared up.

I am using ATI Raedon HD 4550
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I have the exact same problems as OP...

Even downloading and installing the latest drivers won't fix it.

I even rolled back to previous drivers and the problems still persist...
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I have HD3670 and had problems this morning simular to what you said.

Fixed the problem by deleting all drivers from Device Manager, restarting my computer, search for latest driver using Device Manager and installing the hotfix. Although I used the one posted on this site: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=362726. But I assume it's the same one posted here.

All seems to be fine though, it was unplayable this morning - but now works perfecly on low settings.
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I too am having the same issue. If i run in letterbox the grey screen is gone but i still have the same problems as Tschakaa. I also updated to Catalyst 12.4a driver. I have the same card and OS. In addition to those problems, the frame rate is horrid, around 15 FPS--but this may be due to running letterbox.
Thank you for you help with this problem.
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ATI Driver pack 12.4a is BUGGY, you NEED TO DOWNLOAD 12.3 and roll back.

This will fix the issue instantly.

Step 1: Uninstall 12.4a Drivers
Step 2: Find 12.3 version of same drivers
Step 3: Install 12.3
Step 4: Profit
Step 5: ???
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using 12.3 here didnt solve anything =/
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I'm having same issues...So does 12.3 solve that problem or nor? And where can I find "older" drivers (official if possible)?
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I have a Mobility Radeon HD 3670. I tried 12.2, 12.3, 12.4 and 12.4a and none of them worked. I noticed that the 12.4a hotfix didn't even try to update my driver - I think that may be a fix only for desktop versions of the graphics cards. Looks like we still may need the Mobility release from AMD.
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I have the same Problem with my Mobility Radeon 3400.

When I started the game first, it was fine. I was running Catalyst 11.11.. The game told me to install the newest drivers (12.4). When I did that, I had major graphic errors in WoW. Also the 12.4a hotfix would not repair them. Thus I removed the new drivers and installed 12.3, this works for WoW, but in Diablo III all moving pixels become gray now. I tried to go back to version 11.11 but the problem persists.

Disabling fullscreen works, but the window is extremly tiny.

I do not understand why it worked two days ago with Catalyst 11.11, but not after reinstalling it today. I did not change any ingame options since then.
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Having the grey pixel issues here also on my PC with the ATI HD3400.

Playing on my 2008 Macbook Pro works fine.
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Same video card as OP, here's my issue

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Download the 10.9 driver, it will fix the pixels and gray stuff, but good luck with your FPS! It worked for me, AMD 3400 HD, but cant get over 20 FPS and thats in windowed mode.
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having a similar problem. currently have radeon hd 3200, installed 12.4a hotfix but didnt fix anything. when i play theres trianuglar pixel area missing all over the place , almost as if the textures are missing. (thats the best way i can describe it).

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With so many people having this problem blizzard needs to do something. If you roll back to 11.11 it works great! wtf blizzard or AMD better resolve this issue fast!
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I'm having exactly this problem with my ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphic card, rolling back to the original driver seems to fix it but then I can't play games like Amnesia and such, we need a fix for this issue Blizzard!
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I have the exact same issue with my ATI Radeon HD 3870. Hopefully this problem can be resolved quickly!
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Also having the same problem (ati 4200 hd). Updated to 12.4 drivers and starting getting the pixel problems.

Question: How exactly do you roll back? I have the 12.3 drivers but it's not showing them installed? I think? How do I know if it works?

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