I could use some help trying to resolve Error 3007. I have been receiving this error code since launch last night. I have tried the suggested fixes provided by the error sticky thread http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-connection-troubleshooting
I have reset my router and modem multiple times. Checked the firewall and according to that windows firewall has given it permission to any port required. My OS is 100% up to date. As far as i can tell no security or third party programs are hindering the games access to the internet. As for my hardware it still seems to be able to connect to battle.net for other blizz supported games.

Been using the suggested tech sticky to diagnose error 3007 have tried everything except replacing routers could use some help troubleshooting the problem.

EDIT: As of the emergency maintenance the error is now sporadically occurring during the Connecting to Battle.net Server or during the Authenticating Credentials step.
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