Diablo® III

Why did i buy this game .

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New game, 24-48 hours from the start expect !@#$ to happen. Life will continue :)
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Why lol? I have plenty of vacation time and also had yesterday off. Just making my weekend 4 days long. Nothing wrong with that dude lol.
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I guess some people just can't get it through their head that no matter the server capacity Blizzard has, it is still no match for the sheer mass of people trying to bottleneck their way through the authentication system. Along the way unforeseen issues rear their head, and they're forced to take action.

Who am I kidding, it's way easier to just curse the people that have dedicated a good majority of the last 5 years creating what will probably be one of the best selling games of all time.

There is no room for error! :/
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you blizzdrones are psychopaths. I'm being serious. Go back and look through some of your posts.
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Still Blizzard had years for this issue to not be an issue. There is no excuse. The always online thing is stupid.
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Rule of thumb for the folks who may not be experienced with this sort of thing.

NEVER take a day off work to enjoy a new game on launch day...NEVER do this.
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Rule of thumb for the folks who may not be experienced with this sort of thing.

NEVER take a day off work to enjoy a new game on launch day...NEVER do this.

Oh snap, someone does think like me. And here I thought I was the only smart person to know of that.
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Are they a thread stateing that thre working on the servers and thats the reason we cant get in? Im just curious casue i know it would be hard on a game on day one. Id just like to make sure "I" didnt screw anything up any answer is appercaited.
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Upset there is no offline mode?

Blame all the hackers, botters, dupers, people running around with ith, basically blame every idiot that ruined open b.net and Diablo 2 with this mess. Forced blizzard to go with always online to try to keep the crap to a more manageable level.

All the above was the number one complaint from diablo 2, and blizzard set out to fix it. If the above didnt happen, we probably would have an offline mode.

So if you ever hacked, botted or swung a bugged weapon or charm in diablo 2, you have just two things to blame: The servers and yourself.
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Rule of thumb for the folks who may not be experienced with this sort of thing.

NEVER take a day off work to enjoy a new game on launch day...NEVER do this.

Worked out fine for me until about half an hour ago lol. A bad day at home is still better than a good day at work.
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Another exciting and original post!!! OMG!!
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05/15/2012 12:45 PMPosted by Uldysian
Any company from this moment forward who presents a game that FORCES YOU to stay online to play needs to instantly rethink that decision after sitting back and watching this huge fail on Blizzards part. The fact they got my $$$ and I'm sitting here with the day off NOT ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME IN MY HAND is endlessly frustrating. I'm sure I speak for MILLIONS of other players who feel the same way. No Offline single player? "F you then"

Except MILLIONS are playing. The ones here !@#$%ing are a minority. You can tell because if it was MILLIONS then the forums would've crashed hours ago.
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No, just a lot of vacation time lol. My better half doesn't care if I game.
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05/15/2012 12:33 PMPosted by Antilect
What a disaster for Blizzard. The bad-will from these kind of things is not nice. I mean, I feel a bit cheated. A lot of people took the day off work to play. Imagine how they feel about this right now. Such an awesome product, presented with disgrace :(

If you were there for the release of WoW, or any of it's subsequent expansions, you'd have known to take the 3rd day after release day off. Not release day itself.
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This is just like Christmas when MW got released. Sure servers were down a few days, but hell, we just played the solo campaign, right?

... oh wait.

Either way, I was logged in for a few hours this morning. I'll be logging in as soon as I can to play more. Great game. Sure there probably should have been more servers to handle everything, but with the "launch first fix later" approach almost, if not ALL companies are taking now, there's always going to be bumps. Sad but true.
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So what if they bugged the game. The reason these guys want us on line is for the potential for us the players to make them more $$ via the auction house. Not because some 14 year old hacked their items.
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