This two appeared both in Act 3.

Bug No. 1:

I had a ring drop 'into' one of the statues that blows fire at you (found after you enter the Crater). It stayed there and I couldn't pick it up from either angle .

I tell you I don't want to see legendary drops stuck in there, pls fix.

Bug No. 2:

This happened at the early act 3 when you go looking for the fortress's catapults. One of the NPC stood there in the middle of the way, he gave a quest. He stayed there after. When I passed him I saw a big unique monster pack so I retreated, to my amazement the monsters couldn't pass the NPC, who seemed to be 'inert' (the invulnerable type.) They stucked behind the guy tried to move forward to me but couldn't.

Edit: Also the monsters were visually big too so they wouldn't fit anyway, just it is od to see an NPC work like a pillar.

Great work with the game I like it. But it may needs a polishing patch soon. :)
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