Those of you who have the digital version of the game, and having trouble installing the game, a few things i might recommend:

Like everyone else with annual pass, i pre-dl the game client, and since 8;30 last night, have been trying to install the game, using the installer that was part of the pre-dl. Installer would continue to crash between 12% - 25% of install. All Troubleshooting completed, and no resolution. So, i logged back into my bnet account, and re-downloaded the d3 game client, and ran the game client, instead of the installer...

This brought up the d3 launcher, which actually ran setup, and started to re-download all the game files...but you know what, after 2gb of dl, game became playable, and i was able to log in and get to create character screen, and im actually playing now.

Make sure you completly remove d3 beta if you played in beta or the beta weekend, and make sure you remove the battlenet folder under programdata. And the try re-dl'ing the game client through bnet account and run that new client. This worked for me, and i dont know if im just DERP, and should of been running the launcher from the get go or not, but this might help a lot of you.