Diablo® III

radeon 4600 - GPU Overheating

I do not see radeon 4600 on the supported / not supported video card lists.

I was able to play for a couple hours this morning however every 15-25 minutes or so my video card would reach 120C and computer would shutdown.

I'm running win 7 64-bit
3.2GHZ AMD Phenom II x4
8gig RAM
radeon 4600 series 1gig ram

processor is staying at about 52C and 15% processing power
Memory is at about 30%
GPU is pegged at 100% and reaches temps of up to 120C only in D3.

I can confirm fan is working properly and GPU does not go above 80C in any other game. Catalyst Version 12.3 Driver Package 8.961-120405a

Is my video card supported? And/or are their any other things I can do to improve performance? I set on lowest graphic settings with 60foreground fps and vertical sync enabled.. but nothing stops the temp from rising in game.
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Well, I have bad news for you.

This game seems to push video cards fairly decently so any older outdated generation cards in fairly warm environments may have to worry about cooling.

I run a AMD 5770 and i5-2500k and most games dont push it very hard at all, but this games even login screen puts my card to 61-63C load almost instantly. That is very high what I normally experience in games. I am not even running high shadows or high resolutions.

I could easily see an older low end card that is not 40nm process overheating. Id suspect we will see many threads of people posting high gpu temps in coming weeks. :p
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This used to happend with me when i played skyrim, but when i cleaned the entire inside of the computer from dust, it work fine! Dont forget to dust off inside the graphic card, this might work.
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I would tend to agree with you about older video cards but the card itself is barely a year old and I know several people running older cards with 512mb still running the game extremely well with no lag.

I might replace the heatsink but the card is clean and no issues in any other games.. I know Blizzard had an issue with compatibility with an older driver for AMD vid cards but I can't for the life of me explain why this game takes my video card to the max within 5-15 min of starting up.
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Also I had the chance to play in beta and the temperatures did not rise above 85C . I'm not sure what the difference between the beta and the launch graphic wise would be but beta i played on max settings no issue.
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I had to install a secondary fan for my Video card because my case did not move any air near my Video card.... It dropped my temps 15 degrees C. So it might be time to move around cables or something.
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If you have the side pannel on your tower, try taking it off to let more air get to it.
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Well, it is strange the login screen peaks my temps and gpu so high so fast since there really isnt much going on. Maybe its something that can be patched. I dont know.

It is odd though. I was wondering the same thing last night.
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I think Kaitrin has a good idea.

I had initially removed the max fps settings because I want highest possible fps. (I get around 100-200 fps).

I just checked the background fps and put it to 6 fps and foreground to 120 and my temps just dropped almost insantly so....
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quite sad.. It appears the upgrade in monitor i recently purchased after I ran beta on my machine is doing the damage.

apparently my video card cannot handle running the game at 1920 x 1080 on my new monitor. If i run windowed 1280 x 1024 on my 2nd monitor.. i do not have an issue.

looks like a video card upgrade is going to have to be purchased tho.. sigh

thanks for your help
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Oh, yeah I could have told you that one. 1920x1080 is high. I have a much faster system than you and I run at 1280x800. :P
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is this the same problem that starcraft 2 had? blizz please check. I dont want my gpu to melt, thanks.
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