Diablo® III

Tempest Rush?

Anyone find good use in this?

I can't even think of a situation where I would use this unless I'm just trying to run places, or if I was playing football or something.

I guess it maybe still too early to tell, but to the points you guys are at now, any use?

AND discuss.
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I haven't I still use lash tail kick and find that to work best overall so far.

Although I am only level 9.
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I use Lash Tail Kick too... maybe later with runes it'll be "usable" =]
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I use it with Deadly Reach all the time in HC.
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I saw a setup where you regen more mana then it costs, so you can run around with the tornado crap and just tear stuff up.
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Ahh, that's a nice use of it...yea the other 2 choice so far (lvl 20ish) just seem so much more viable as of now
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I think it becomes more important in higher difficulties as an escape mechanic.
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85 Human Paladin
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its a garbage ability imo. i used the taillash aswell untill i got the rune to increase the dmg on the bell. (it does so much dmg now).
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I use it to escape large groups of mobs, !@#$ damage, But it really does help it certain situations
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90 Draenei Priest
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It has a snare that hits every mob you rush through, that's the use.
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40 Tauren Druid
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I am grouping with a barb and I use this to rush to the far side of a batch of mobs and then give them the trident from behind.
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I noticed if you get surrounded my a lot of mobs using this to book it is quite a good thing to use.
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100 Human Warrior
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The dmg isnt bad if you look at it 55% weapon dmg like every second. So it does nice damage, But it is mostly a escape mechanic.
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i forget the name of the zone, but wherever those cows with scythes and large rhino type monsters are.. it's somewhat easy to get circled by many monsters and i was using this to escape. with the rune that reduces the spirit used, it's pretty funny too, walking roflcopter.
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Tempest Rush is exceptional for escape and evade!
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Would rather use another skill in its place, haven't found use for it yet.
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In hardcore its a must have IMHO,saved me at least 4 times from vortex
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I use it a ton as an interrupt and escape. Great mobility, and super awesome if you're using Transcendence.
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Tr + Transcendence can be used later on as a free heal.

You could even make it so you get 40% movement speed + 1,000 health per second while still generating spirit.

Great way to move around and slow others around you while getting massive heals.
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I like it because I will tempest rush into mobs then spin kick for some decent dmg and knock back.
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