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Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

Sup Blizzard?
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05/19/2012 06:36 AMPosted by Pinfeldorf
PNY GTS250 here, same random black-screen tab-outs every so often. Some zones/dungeons it never happens, others it happens far more often (act 1 spider cave to be specific as the place where it happens the most). This cannot be a heat issue, since I can run Mass Effect 3 on full graphics with no stuttering and no crashing. Obviously something fell apart in the software between beta and live for this video card series. From what I've been told, the GTX260s and 9800s are pretty much the same as the GTS250 with just a little bit of tweaking.

It's likely an optimization with the GTX cards that's either causing them to over heat, or causing the card to *think* it's over heating, thus forcing the game to crash or, in some extreme cases, causing the PC to shut down completely. As you said, you can run ME3, a much more demanding game, on full without having the issue, where as with Diablo 3, you cannot.

Meanwhile, I've got a two-three year old card with a liquid cooling system that's running the game at max, with 60 FPS consistently, and my core temperature never going above 40 Degrees Celsius. That more or less screams at an optimization thing with newer Nvidia cards.
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Operating System: Windows 7 64 Ultimate
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
Driver Version: 296.10
Last Video Card Temperature at crash: 57c

Side note: Tried lowering Max FPS as suggested in other threads, and while it appears to decrease the occurance, display driver still crashes frequently. Especially in town and open-world areas
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Same issue for me....
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Operating System -
Video Card Model -
Driver Version -
Max Video Card Temperature -


OS: Windows 64 bit.
Video Card model - 2 Nvidia 250s, non-SLI'd.
Video Card drivers - 296.10
Max card temp - I can't tell you, I dont' know how to see.. and it's not very hot as my compy case has like six fans.
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So I haven't had any issues as of late. Now, it may happen in certain areas, so this may not be a fix, but I noticed in the event log lots of info events about request to disable composite stuff. I'm running latest stock drivers.

I have win7 so these are win7 specific instructions.

1. Set FPS max to 60 (don't have to do it first, but sometime)
2. Search for diablo 3
3. Right click on diablo 3 and do "open file location"
4. Right click on diablo III.exe (not launcher) and do properties
5. Go to compatibility tab
6. Check disable desktop composition.
7. Run the game.

Haven't had a crash since. Dunno what max FPS needs to be, but 60 is fine for me. Also, I have the GTS 250 as well
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OS: Windows Vista 64 bit
Video Card: GeForce 9800M GTS
Driver Version: 296.10
Temperature: 50-60 during play

No blackout, just computer freeze requiring hard-boot.
No significant change when all setting set to lowest possible, including fps at 15/1
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im running a gts 250 its not a heat issue drivers stop responding
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ive done a fair bit of reading i have a geforce 9800gtx+ , i had the clock overclocked from 720 clock to about 770 or so, which worked fine for skyrim battlefield 3 and so on. Opon reading that people had to underclock there cards i put ine back to stock after getting a blue screen of death (some graphics error) its been fine since. Some people seem to belive due to the fact nvidea cards are a little more finiky with rapid voltage changes. temps oced and reg never went above 85 degrees (card can handle well into the 90s) Im pretty sure its thje driver but there hasnt been a new one yet
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Maybe so, you never know?
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last time it happened to me GPU temp was 57c. So I really dont see heat being an issue. Never has been before on my system

sticky!! =)
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Operating System - Windows 7 (64bits)
Video Card Model - nVidia 250 GTS (Point-of-View / BIOS version
Driver Version - 301.24
Max Video Card Temperature - 69ºC (156ºF)

But it crashed at 68ºC and 60ºC as well
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Thanks for the info, all. Keep it coming! : )

Although I'm not having any blackscreens, I decided to test my heat levels on both my work and home machines. I thought I'd share my findings with you for comparative sake.

At home with my 460 GTX (the one with the cyclone fan like this one) - I idle at 32C and hit 62C in Diablo III.

At work on my 275 GTX - I idle at 67C and hit 92C in Diablo III. Thankfully, no blackscreens or slowdown though. Admittedly, 275 GTXs are made to run hot.

At any rate, keep the info coming! The more data we can show the engineers, the better.
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what I found on the net (though it doenst work)

Diablo III Crash to Desktop (CTD) and Blackscreen Fix

Try to change the resolution from D3Prefs.txt file to the exact which is supported by your monitor. (D3Prefs.txt file it’s located in your MyDocuments\Diablo III folder)

Try deleting the My Documents\Diablo III\D3Prefs.txt file and re-testing.

Run the game by Right click on Diablo 3.exe and select “Run as Administrator”.

Run the game in compatibility with Windows XP SP3.

Also, you can try to lower the game’s settings by disabling VSync and multi-sampling and turning down environment detail levels.

Try to Update Your Graphics Cards and Motherboard Drivers.

Try different resolution options on your PC.

For NVidia users, go into NVidia control panel and add Diablo 3.exe and make it “use NVidia GPU” to resolve this issue. And also try this, go to NVidia control panel and check if Diablo 3.exe has to instances. If there are two instances, set both to use your specific GPU instead of automatic.

Reseting all the graphic settings to low and removing anti-aliasing seems to have solved the problem.

Diablo III black screen error with HDMI cable

Try to change the resolution from D3Prefs.txt file to the exact which is supported by your monitor. (D3Prefs.txt file it’s located in your MyDocuments\Diablo III folder)

Try deleting the My Documents\Diablo III\D3Prefs.txt file and re-testing.

Reseat the HDMI connection at both ends if you can’t use another cable to connect. Try not to use any HDMI hubs or extenders/adaptors anywhere in the chain. Use another HDMI cable if you have one.

Running the game in windowed mode would possibly let it come up too

I think it's the communication between the Motherboard and the Videocard that gets interrupted by this game.

Oh and another strange thing:
in the D3prefs:

DisplayModeWinWidth "1920"

DisplayModeWinHeight "1040" => not correct by default i changed it to 1080 but still the same issues
DisplayModeUIOptWidth "1920"
DisplayModeUIOptHeight "1080"

I am using a GTX 295
asus m4n82 deluxe
8gb ram
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Hwmonitor shows my gpu temp at 35 when not playing diablo. When playing diablo it max's at around 65-75 degrees C. I have a GTX550 ti. Should i keep running the game or is my gpu at risk?
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your fine
Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 100°c
If it goes higher than 80 I would call it overheating in this case, 100 is the absolute max wich would cause your gpu to melt
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this is making the game totally unplayable can we get some sort of info of whats going on im tired of trying to fix the problem that blizz is suppose to fix. wow
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