Diablo® III

Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

Operating System - Windows7 64bit
Video Card Model - GeForce GTX 550 TI
Driver Version - 296.10
Max Video Card Temperature - 71c
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your fine
Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 100°c
If it goes higher than 80 I would call it overheating in this case, 100 is the absolute max wich would cause your gpu to melt

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Just thought I'd put in my two cents; I still do not believe this game could possibly be causing my card to overheat; it runs perfectly smoothly and D3 is the ONLY game to make my drivers crash.

NEVERTHELESS, after turning my GPU fan speed knob up to the maximum, my crashes have STOPPED. ALTOGETHER.

If you have a way of turning your card's fan speed up, try it. Couldn't hurt.

Unless you experience pain in your PC sounding like a Boeing 737. But whatever. And stuff.
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Operating System - Windows 7 64bit Sp1
Video Card Model - Radeon HD5850
Driver Version - 12.3 (didn't upgrade to 12.4 because of all the problems people have been having with it)
Max Video Card Temperature - ~45C idle and ~60-70 on Load
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Operating System - Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
Video Card Model - Radeon HD 6770M
Driver Version - 8.830.6.2000
Max Video Card Temperature - 69 degrees C

My GPU goes over that max threshhold - 70 degrees C

I don't encounter black screens but my laptop gets Hot Iron hot.
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ok ive turned up fan speed and lowered everything, still have the black screen lockups and is making the game totally unplayable, extremely disappointed with blizz!!
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I just wanted to mention that when the video card stops displaying video the audio continues for a bit playing ambient noise.
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well im done until this is fixed so unplayable. so disappointed
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Just started playing last night and it ran fine up until this evening. I had only been playing a few minutes and the screen froze. Then had parts of the screen get pixelated, then it went to a grey screen and said that I should click "retry" to re-create the D3D device. Retry failed and had to force it closed. Now when I try to start the game it goes straight to the grey screen. All I can do is look at the launcher.

Running a GTS 250 with the 296.10 driver.
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Seems like a video memory problem. Blizzard look into this.
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So I haven't had any issues as of late. Now, it may happen in certain areas, so this may not be a fix, but I noticed in the event log lots of info events about request to disable composite stuff. I'm running latest stock drivers.

I have win7 so these are win7 specific instructions.

1. Set FPS max to 60 (don't have to do it first, but sometime)
2. Search for diablo 3
3. Right click on diablo 3 and do "open file location"
4. Right click on diablo III.exe (not launcher) and do properties
5. Go to compatibility tab
6. Check disable desktop composition.
7. Run the game.

Haven't had a crash since. Dunno what max FPS needs to be, but 60 is fine for me. Also, I have the GTS 250 as well

Thank you, so far this has worked for me. before it overheat/black screen every 10-20mins now, going on 2 hours.
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max video card temperature is 64
operating system is windows 7 professional,64-bit(service pack 1)
Video Card Model - NVIDIA GeForce 9800gtx/9800gtx
Driver Version - 296.10
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FYI Update for me..

I downloaded the Asus GPU Tweak program from ASUS Republic of Gamers website and downclocked my GPU by 100 (500->400 and 1600->1500)

I have been able to play without the nvidia driver crashing and recovering for over 7 hours. I am a happy camper. I bet I can even go back to playing SC2

Asus G60J Geforce 260m GTX laptop.
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same thng is happening to me 9800gtx my buddy has the same card his playing just fine...

are you guys getting this message (Display driver stopped responding and has recovered)?

I am getting this as well. Same card. I notice it happens more when latency goes up. All morning was fine. Wasnt until peak times when the problem started.
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Summer is coming, and I bought a NEW graghic card cooler, but it still black screen.
SO, I don't this problem is sth. about temperature, cuz my temperature is only about 50+ *C, the MAX temp is 63*C.
It occurs several times even when I just standing or adjust system settings.
Anyway these are my system info:
Win7 Pro 32bit
ASL Gts 250 512mb
ForceWare 296.10
63 *C
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Just started playing last night and it ran fine up until this evening. I had only been playing a few minutes and the screen froze. Then had parts of the screen get pixelated, then it went to a grey screen and said that I should click "retry" to re-create the D3D device

Do you have the latest direct X for your current operating system?
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Same thing happens to me Radeon Hd 7750 card thou
Win7 never had this happen in the beta
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Operating System - Windows 7 64bit Professional
Video Card Model - GeForce 9800 GTX
Driver Version - 296.10 (from Nvidia) (from Device Manager)
Max Video Card Temperature - 105c
Max Video Card Temperature with workaround - ~87c

Card was running at 104c - 105c constantly during gameplay. Black screen occured at 105c (although it was every couple minutes, not constant.)

Been using the workaround since day 2 (Turned on vsync and lowered max FPS to 45) and black screen rarely ever happens now. Resumed normal settings to record data.
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This is not JUST a Nvidia problem. Someone PLEASE listen for once. I've also experienced this with a Radeon 6950. I've also experienced a straight computer crash several times as well. "Blizzard, and Nvidia are looking into it". OK? I've only been talking about Radeon since release night on these forums.
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