Diablo® III

Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

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OS: Vista 64 bit
Vid Card: GTX 260

Same as everyone else, if I am running in windowed full screen, or just normal full screen every 3 to 5 minutes i freeze for like 2 seconds, go to black screen for 2 seconds and then it comes back to normal.

The longer I am playing continuously the more frequent these problems happen.

Please fix this, it is really annoying to have to play in windowed mode, it just takes so much away from the beauty and ambiance that this game has.
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Same issue here :(

OS: Fully-updated Windows 7 64 bits
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 225 MW
Proc: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 2,4Ghz 2,4Ghz
RAM: 4Gb
Network: Realtek PCIe GBE
HDD: 148 Gb free

Please fix this! I can't play this way :(((
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Download RivaTuner and Max out your fan speed settings = WIN!

Just because your card can "handle" 70+Celsius temps doesn't mean you should let it run at those temps for hours. The cooler your card runs the more life and performance you will get out of it.
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Operating system: Windows Vista 32-bit SP2
Video card: EVGA GTX 260 (192 core)
MSI K9N Platinum SLI motherboard with AMD 4800+ processor
2gb Corsair 4-4-4-12 800 mHz ram

When I am playing anywhere in the game, the action will freeze for a couple seconds, the screen goes black, then the graphics reset and the game runs, but much slower than before.

I am running EVGA Precision, and I discovered that when the problem occurs, it is a display driver called nvlddmkm that stopped responding. My video card which was running at 604 mHz CPU core clock is now permanently throttled to 300, and the memory is downthrottled to under 300 mHz down from over 1000 mHz. My GPU temperature peaked at 60 degrees C, which is much, much lower than when artifacts appear when I run benchmark tools such as Furmark.

The temperature is NOT the problem. From reading nVidia's website, there is not a clear solution to this problem as it could be anything in the entire system that is not working properly causing the problem (CPU, GPU, RAM, drivers for anything from webcams to audio drivers, etc.)
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Same issues with MSI R7870 and 3570K.
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Operating system: Windows Vista 32-bit SP2
The temperature is NOT the problem. From reading nVidia's website, there is not a clear solution to this problem as it could be anything in the entire system that is not working properly causing the problem (CPU, GPU, RAM, drivers for anything from webcams to audio drivers, etc.)

Can we just have the beta code back then? I had zero issues in beta.
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Hello guys,We've been continuing to work with Nvidia, trying to isolate this issue further. The logs have been great but we'd like to get some of the affected systems into a test lab at Nvidia and check them out. We're specifically looking for systems that are getting the black screen issue but are *not* overheating. If you're in the Bay area and can help out, please follow the steps below to get in touch with the Nvidia team.

I am having issues with over heating and the black screen. So what is going to be done about that. I dont feel safe running the game for more that a hour if it is going to hurt my computer.
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OS: Windows 7 64bit
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 560
Video Card Driver: 301.42
Max Card Heat: 52 C

Did not have this problem until the first weekend after the game came out, now it freezes, goes black, and returns anywhere from every 2 minutes to every hour. The latest video driver (301.42) seems to make it happen more often. Lowering settings makes it happen less often, but heat has never been very high.
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OS: Windows 7 64-Bit
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 680
Video Card Driver Status: Up to date (301.42 I believe? could be wrong but 100% certain there isn't a new release)
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Max heat: Nothing about 55 C

For the record i've had this computer for less than 2 months and it was purchased specifically for Diablo III. I also have the screen going black with the accompanying 'display driver has stopped responding and has recovered'. After having this since the games release I've noticed my CPU will just freeze entirely, no warning aside from a brief stutter then BAM everything freezes and I am forced to hard reboot.

I've had my entire rig at a PC repair shop assuming there was a fault with my hardware. 24 hours pass and I am assured it is 100% software related and an enitre format later only Diablo III and my logitech software are installed. I attempt to play D3 only to have it freeze and crash out after 45 mins or so. I then uninstalled my logitech software fearing a compatibility issue and hoping it was the cause of all my problems.

I then boot up d3 and continue with the inferno slog - Two hours later d3 freezes and a hard reboot is called for. Sadly until this is fixed I will discontinue to play this amazing game, that both I and a significant portion of the gaming community have waited 12 years for.

Mega faith in an Nvidia/Blizz partnership in resolving this issue - Good luck techies!
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I was having this issue as well. Emailed the card manufactuer, in this case, EVGA. They suggested checking the HD Audio controller to see if it was conflicting with the card. On my computer it was. Disabled the one that was showing up as on the same PCI slot, in this case it was the nVidia HD Audio Controller. Once I did this, I loaded up the game and it hasnt crashed.

Here are the instructions:

This issue can be caused by a conflict with the onboard audio controller on your new Nvidia card and your motherboard audio.

You can try the following uninstall method which will fully disable the audio and should help eliminate the issues you are experiencing.

1. Go into Device Manager- In the Display adapers area right click on the 400/500 series card, and select "Properties" this will give you a listing such as "PCI Bus 3, device 0, function 0" If using multiple cards please check and note each listing.

2. Go under "System Devices", you will see HD audio devices.. check them to see which one matches your GTX 400 series PCI Bus
location. Disable (not uninstall) the one that matches your 400/500 series card.

3. Check under "Sound Devices" and it should no longer be there (this step might or might not require a restart)

If there are still issues the drivers may need a clean install in order to function properly. This can be done by running the latest driver package and choosing "Custom installation" and check the box labeled "Perform Clean Install" which will remove previous drivers and perform a clean install.
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Ok, little premature on the celebration as it just crashed again. But it's definately on the right track. Trying a clean install of the latest drivers to see that fixes it for good.

*Edit* Definately a sound issue, not overheating.
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same issue with gt540m ...
also include crashing and screeching sound
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same issue guys... need a fix asap! getting super upset over here... will be asking for a refund if this isn't solved and soon.
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I was having the same issue, tried all the fixes posted to no avail. Video card is a new Radeon 7770.

I clocked it down to 1,000 Mhz on the bus and the memory and game plays flawlessly now. YMMV.

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same problem here

win 7 64bits
its running at 60c and it turns black and after some seconds it returns to the game. I only can play setting everything to low and reducing the FPS...
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Just like the rest of you, Black screen and hard lock occasionally when entering/leaving dungeons...Completely unacceptable Blizzard

The other thing, is once in a while entering a dungeon suffers gruesome lag for 60+ seconds like the server isn't syncing quickly enough, bad enough I don't move until it smooths out. ...Games like Swtor, Rift and Eve my ping is low 40 - 50's. D3 is high 200's. Sad.

Win 7 64
3770k under a Corsair H100 running at stock voltage at 4.4 ghz, but the problem is there at stock speeds too. NEVER over 40C
2 x 680GTX. Stock speeds - hardly need to overclock these cards for this game on a single monitor.
Latest 4.32 drivers...Problem there with the last drivers too..

I Have Adaptive Vsync running, so max fps in game is 60. These cards are doing little more than idling in D3 even with details maxed. CPU's usage is low, and running very very cool, GPU's are very cool.
I built this box for 3 monitor 5760 x 1080 gaming, running a single 1920 x 1080 monitor with these 2 cards is an unchallenging joke to the cards.

Memory usage does gradually climb, suggesting a bit of memory leakage, but the worse I have seen is 29% of my 16gb.
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still no fix?
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I was having the same issue, tried all the fixes posted to no avail. Video card is a new Radeon 7770.

I have the same graphics card as Jesse but I'm still having the same issue with the screen blanking out. I've tried turning down the graphics to an absolute minimum, which they turned to on my previous card (I just upgraded to this card today). I'm playing on an HP Pavillion PC, with DirectX 9 (does anyone perhaps know how to upgrade it to DirectX 11?)
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Running dual 24" samsung leds off of geforce gtx 480 and act 2 normal mode is giving me a hard time. Can't seem to get through the level without having it crash on me, making me force-shutdown my comp.
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Rig Setup:

Windows7 64-bit OS
Found Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
ASUS Sabertooth Z77
Corsair 650watt PSU
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
8gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance
1tb Caviar Black
2 x 24" Samsung SyncMaster SA300
Onboard Audio

Been fine until latest update and now I can't get past Act 2 (Normal) without having to hard-reboot my system. My temperatures top out at 48C for both GPU/CPU. Downloaded latest drivers and system updates. Reconfigured some content following other threads but still has not solved the main issue. Please help Bnet, I don't want to return this game for a refund.
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