Diablo® III

Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

same problem here
GTX 260 Zotac AMP2
C2D E8400
Enermax 520W
4GB DDR2 Kingston
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
500GB Samsung
Windows 7 64 bit
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Game isnt worth playing......about 10 mins in to the final battle against Diablo on Nightmare mode, my screen turns black and I lag out every....single.....time...and come back dead.

Time to find a new game, this one sux balls.
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should I just buy a new vid card? this is driving me nuts, I don't have old video cards, I run 2 and both are relatively new...

i have a feeling its a game issue, it only started happening after the new patch came out...
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Nvidia 9800gtx+ (Aka: GTS 250)

In order to get the card to stay under 90 degrees F and to run stable I had to:

Downclock both the core and the memory by 100mhz.
Set the system to only use 1 card (the system in question has 2 in SLi)
V-Sync on
Max FPS 57

On an alternate system I have a 4870 Toxic edition, runs about 87, no problems at all.

This seems to affect cards that run inherently hot. High performance cards. 6970's. 9800gtx+'s. GTX 295's and such. Things like that.

I would try to reproduce it in the lab with cards that are inherently hot, but are that way really by design.
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*Running 9800GTX*

Well after 3 Black screen and music crashes, reboot to recover, no errors, in 10 mins from a cold boot I turned on my vsync and changed screen res from widescreen to regular 1280 x ?, I have just played 4 hours straight, no issues and some very intense action in places with high char levels on screen, high load on card, and not a single issue....flawless.

Its not heat related .....
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this isnt an actual fix.. more of a work around... full screen windowed mode.. so far so good (99% sure this will fix the issue for good)
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Sorry changing window mode, resolution, or literally any of the graphical options does NOT fix my issue. I have spent hours cleaning my computer, changing settings and updating drivers, nothing is helping.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Driver Version
Win7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1
Intel i7 920
Patriot 6GB DDR3 1333 RAM
DirectX 11
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Let me premise this post with a few things:
- I have a Nvidia card
- This won't help anyone with temperature-related issues
- Be careful tampering with motherboard settings if you don't know what you're doing.
- Apologies if this has been brought up here already, I didn't read all 28 pages of this thread

Short version
Try disabling any on-motherboard graphics options through your bios. It may or may not help, but can't hurt to try.

Long version
I was having the same problem mentioned by many here: my video would stutter/blank out for ~15 seconds. Sometimes the desktop would appear with the 'Nvidia drivers have stopped responding and have recovered,' message, and other times I would have to reset the computer. This would occur randomly, sometimes happening twice within a short period, sometimes happening after hours of play. As a hardcore player having lost a few characters to this problem, I was fairly desperate for a fix. I searched many forums and tried many potential fixes without success.

At some point, a friend of mine suggested disabling on-board graphics options on my motherboard. I have a new motherboard which supports lucid virtu, and there is an option to disable IGPU multi-monitoring in my bios (this option controls the lucid virtu feature). After disabling this, along with all other on-board graphics options, I have been problem-free for ~3 days, which have included quite a bit of playtime. Since my problem was occurring randomly, I can't say with 100% certainty that it has vanished. But this is by far the longest period of time in which I have not experienced the issue.

This may sound like, and may in fact be, a narrow solution which will only help a few others. However, I have read in a multiple places that Nvidia cards are somewhat sensitive to external communication (ie. when the motherboard or something else tries to communicate or extract some bit of information to/from the card - other than graphics information of course). While I think my problem was solved by disabling lucid virtu settings (which demands some extra communication between the card, the MB, and the CPU), there may be many other motherboard/northbridge functions which could be triggering that sensitivity.

I have no idea if this will help anyone or not, but I thought it couldn't hurt to post. It's obviously not a fun problem to deal with.

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Here is a solution that has fixed my issue.

In the NVIDIA control panel, under anti-aliasing options I chose to "enhance" instead of "override". I do have the anti-aliasing box checked in game. I have not seen a single crash in the past couple of days since changing the option.

I am using a GTX 275 SLI setup with the 301.42 drivers and SLI is enabled in game as well as I am using EVGA precision to monitor everything.
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I have the same problem here but it boots me out of the game instead and my screen stays black. I have all updated gear and my memory is fine. But i mean 28 pages later and no answer, i'm not going to !@#$% about it if there is no solution. Come on blizzard. Just like everything else throw some money at it and fix this solution. It's only 2012 for crying out loud.
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The most common areas for this to happen in game include the "spider cave" in Act 1 (very frequently) and often as well many parts of act 4 (could get it to consistently crash at the library of fate).
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This is beyond frustrating. Just a few stacks, make a bit of progress then the screen start flashing to black, eventually bumping my respawn up to 30 seconds (since I die every time the screen goes black) then I go to black and it never comes back.

I have up to date drivers and have tired every "fix" in this thread.

It even does it when I run it the absolute lowest settings possible, disable one of my monitors and disable my audio entirely.

I play games on high settings all the time and this one can't run for more than a few seconds without crashing.

This is unacceptable.
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I experience the same issue but I'm not using nvidia, I'm using ATI Radeon HD7450. When it does it, it just alt tabs me to desktop and I can go right back into the game without problem. Happens very rarely for me. Maybe 2 times in a week.
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Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit (Service Pack 1)
Video Card Model - Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
Driver version - 301.42
Max Video Card Temperature - 79 C

Played for a couple hours but didn't experience a driver crash this time. I'll report back if I get a higher max temp.
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OS - Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bits SP1
AMD Bulldozer Zambezi Six-Core Processor 3.3Ghz
4Ghz Ram 1333Mhz AMD Entertainment Edition
Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 1Ghz DDR3 - 256bits
Driver Version - 301.42
Max temperature - 72ºC

In my case the screen is not black, but drop to 10 fps when I'm fighting against various foes, I tried lowering the settings to 800x600 and put everything in the minimum configuration, but did not solve the problem.
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Check your mouse.

If you have a Logitech Marathon mouse, button 8 is auto-assigned to "Application Switcher." Button 8 happens to be the entire left part of the mouse, so I would find myself during hard moments gripping the mouse and all of a sudden the screen would minimize to me being all "WTF."

Check out the logitech mouse options, button assignment tab, and make sure it get's set to other>do nothing
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any support or resolution from Blizzard? Has anyone heard when they're going to patch or update this because it is a very common problem for people using windows 7 64 bit, and I can confirm it's definitely NOT a hardware issue, or a heating issue, this is a software issue. Hopefully tuesday will bring a patch that will fix this or I imagine a lot of people will stop playing because it is destroying their computers.
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this isn't just a NVIDIA problem, I'm running dual radeon 5770's with AMD x4 3.4 GHz water cooled processor and my heat is less than 80 at all times. I can do anything with this computer, but whenever I get on D3, instant crash.
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Just got a new GTX 680 by EVGA (Super Overclocked).

This is happening to me.

Not sure who's at fault here...
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Operating System - Windows 7 (64bits) / Windows Xp (32bits)
Video Card Model - nVidia 250 GTS (GIGABYTE)
Driver Version - 301.24
Max Video Card Temperature - 70ºC

it crashes at 68ºC and also sometimes even at 58-59 at low settings.

I tried both operating systems and it had same results.
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