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Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

Yep same problem here. Running a 7870 radeon on a i5 3570k..nothing overclocked. No other games or applications installed on the Win7 x64 install. Run through every bit of troubleshooting listed and still getting these intermittent outages with the only resolution being a power down/up of the pc.

Looking for at least an update BLUES to advise you are looking into it and what has been done so far?
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Well, I've only had it happen three times. Twice in one day over a week ago, and just about half an hour ago. It doesn't seem character-specific (twice on the WD in the same day, once on Barbarian now).

My exact symptoms are a sudden black screen, sound flying into a loop of a segment of the last part that was playing in the buffer stuttering over and over (and going to a softer volume for whatever reason after a few seconds, but persisting), and my monitor getting "NO SIGNAL". Hard reset is the only thing for it, and based on how my power switch works, the results say Windows is no longer running to capture that event and shut down gracefully.

Nothing in the event logs, nothing in any logs anywhere (like Intel Desktop Utilities for my mainboard and hard drives, etc.). Temperatures are nominal for this system, so it's not overheating. I don't believe in overclocking, and therefore don't overclock anything.

Intel DP35DP Mainboard
Intel E8400 @3GHz
EVGA GTX-275 Co-op Edition
SoundBlaster X-Fi Extreme
Linksys WMP54G wireless NIC
Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3, fully patched
Latest NVidia drivers
Latest SoundBlaster drivers
Latest BIOS ever made for my mainboard
Latest Linksys wireless card drivers

It's not like there's even a BSOD. There's nothing to throw into Windows Debugging Tools to debug and trace. It's a hard crash.

I've gotten a LOT of gametime in. (Beat Normal on 4 characters, middle of Normal on a 5th, and almost through Act 1 of Nightmare on one of the first 4.) That's a lot of play time -without- crashes, but when it goes off, it's annoying as sin.
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I have the same problem on my GTX 295.
The only solution by disabling SLI.
This makes the D3 works well, but slowly.
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- i have sp1 on windows 7.
- changed the hardware class to 1.
- dumped down all settings to the lowest on the game.
- configured envedia settings to no duel card and did all the posters trick.
- set the frame rate in the game options to 50 then 45 then 40 ( pretty much looks like i'm playing a ps1 game).

non of these solutions worked for me. game crashes after few minutes .. please any suggestions.

Ps : i got a gtx 295. please help.
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win 7 64
intel xeon 3.6 x2
radeon hd 5870

same problem .
tried to play with 3d settings in cc and game - doesn`t matter low or high quality - same result.
tried to install 12.4 cc - now cc not even starting :)
tried to contact to amd - no answer
tried to contacl blizzard - no answer

so many years waiting for this game ...

p.s. should buy Elder Scrolls V intead :D
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Same problem as many. I have a 9800 GTX+. I rolled back the patch, patched back up. I tried windowed mode. I under clocked which got to the patch D3 did then now I cannot play I get a black screen. I changed audio from main to my headset and it didn't help either. The game is unplayable for me. I am stuck on trying to fix these three catapults and that is getting awful annoying to keep doing over and over. I just wanna play.....
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I'm having the same issue. It sucks because I can only play on my laptop right now. It has an nVidia GT325M. Yeah I know it is not for gaming, but it can play games on med-high settings.

Fullscreen mode is apparently the problem here. Setting it to Fullscreen Windowed would fix the problem but the framerate would suffer. Can we have the best of both worlds? (ie. Fulscreen and not get black screen after alt-tab / Fulscreen Windowed and still get same performance as Fullscreen mode)

It is definitely not a problem with the temps. I know how my laptop would react to high temps. It would just underclock and slow the game down noticeably. But my problem happens only when it is in Fullscreen mode and not due to high temps.
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Anything new on this? Your support seems to think the answer is in the knowledge base. My guess is Blizzard doesn't know how to communicate between departments.
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Under-clocking your video card DOES work. It's not an ideal fix but my display driver used to reset every few seconds and now it is completely stable.
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Well I have done nothing and my play seems to be getting better again. It all seemed to start slowly, post patch building up to black screening froma cold boot 30 seconds into game a day or two ago, to now playing a good 1-2 hours before I black screen.

I really dont understand this....but I have faith...Blizzard will sort it, it is the best selling PC game ever and I dont believe they will leave us all stranded like this.
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Operating System - Windows XP 64-bit
Video Card Model - NVIDIA GeForce GT 430
Driver Version - 296.10
Normal Video Card Temperature - 49ºC
Max Video Card Temperature - 93ºC

hope that works
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EVGA ships the GTX-275 Co-Op Edition underclocked, and I left it that way. Maybe that's why I've only hit the problem 3 times in 3+ weeks of gaming, while others can't get it to play at all.

I -do- run fullscreen, but I'm running 1920x1080 on a 1080p 42" LCD... No fullscreen means no VSync, means massive tearing. Windowed mode is NOT an option with some/many LCD displays.

My max foreground framerate is set to 60 ingame, incidentally.
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:D got an answer from blizzard :


Thank-you for taking the time to petition Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.

We understand how valuable your time is and how important your concern is however we feel your question can be quickly addressed if you view our knowledge base which has your specific issues listed in detail or the forums which is also loaded with valuable information which can be located at: <http://us.battle.net/support/en/games/diablo3/gameplay-support>

Have a good day and happy gaming!

Blizzard Entertainment Support

Don`t know what to do ... laught or cry ?
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My video driver crashes once every 10 minutes or so. Thankfully it recovers but it's annoying as hell. GTS 250.
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wtf is going on!!! last night i was playing no problems, now it crashes on load screen again...

Nothing on my computer has changed in any way, temps are all the same etc
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This problem has corrupted my ram, forcing me to get 2 new sticks. Ugh I wish I read this thread earlier...

I'm not playing D3 until this is fixed...
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I'm having similar issues since the last patch. HD6950 on driver 12.4

Was running flawlessly until now.
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I'm having similar issues and only since the last patch. My Graphics card is Nvidia GTX 560Ti and I'm getting Nvidia drivers crashing, screen going black for up to 10 seconds and resuming for a few mins before developing huge graphical artefacts. graphics card temp seems to be in the normal range, so it's not over heating.

I wonder what's changed in the newest patch to do this? Could it be an incompatibility with the latest Nvidia drivers? Anyone tried reverting a few driver versions less?
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After more fiddling with running programs and settings it seems Diablo 3 with the current patch (1.02b) has a big issue with two things. Running in window mode maxed or otherwise and the Steam Overlay.

Both were quite useful to me so I am a little put off having to do without since I've had no problems prior to the latest patch. I Hope it all gets fixed/reverted/whatever they have to do.

edit: I lie. disabling just increases the time before I start getting corruption issues. Alt tabbing seems to fix it for a bit as well as disabling vsync seems to give me more time before the corruption. I do have an idea that maybe if I disable triple buffer in Nvidia control panel might change things... but I'll try tomorrow.
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Underclock, underclock, underclock. Played entirety of act 3 other day and completely stable. Low settings, frames at 50, still playable, and temps didn't rise higher than 70 degrees. I used afterburner. GTX260M.
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