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League of Legends now has a server in Sydney. Blizzard take notice !
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+1 this, but its falling on deaf ears unfortunately as usual
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I'm all for us having a server and it would be awesome to have sub 190ms for a change, but I think our player base is just too small unfortunately.
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Signed. The only reason I'm waiting for the ps4 version is because it has offline. I have never seen a game segment its user base as much as Diablo 3.
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Would love to get a Blizz Data center over here finally.
Pretty sure all our ISP's have wanted to get some deal going and are wanting this to happen also.
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I am so thankful for GGG making an Australian server on Path of Exile and Riot making an Oceanic server on LoL, this is the least Blizzard can do.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to play competitively or just play comfortably at 270ms.

I don't understand how Blizzard won't be able to support an Oceanic server since both LoL & PoE purely run a micro transaction based system while Blizzard requires us to pay at least $45(or more because of the Australia tax) as well as having some of us use the micro transaction based system (AH).

If we don't get an Oceanic server i would now have completely lost my respect for them, i absolutely LOVE the warcraft series as well as starcraft, but what they have pulled with Diablo is just disappointing. But then again why would they care, they are going to take my $45 or more then fart in my face.

I get the feeling that Blizzard is purely a business now and they take advantage of our hopes and desires. With that being said, so long as Blizzard gets the $$$ they don't care much after that :(

-If i could get some assurance that there will be an Oceanic server, i will at least buy the expansion with some confidence/pride.
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Yeah, I enjoyed D3, the poor itemization and lack of real stat control I felt really really hurt it, and it looks like the new expansion is trying to help alleviate these problems to some degree.

At the end of the day however, after having spent a lot of time playing Diablo 3 I can safely say that latency, even at the 200ms mark makes a very noticeable difference, to the point where I know I'm gimped playing from Australia.

If there were ever Oceanic servers released (which seems extremely unlikely) I would purchase the expansion, without those servers I will not purchase it, simple as that.

I think the server issue is more a thing of policy than actual cost, as Path Of Exile has Australian servers on a free to play model where the microtransactions are for cosmetic purposes only (no in-game benefit). I get the feeling blizzard either has some extremely rigid policies regarding how the servers are handled, or they simply think it far too much trouble to have servers out here.

I'm not all that upset by the server situation though, at the end of the day it makes the decision of whether or not to drop the cash on it easy.
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looks like the console version suits us down under, no internet connection

play offline, yeah

no more latency issues, yeah

loose our friends across the water, sad

it's a dilemma
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isnt the Asia server Oceanic?
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So still no Aussie servers? that's pretty sad.

What sort of ping will I get on the Asia server? I played at launch but got pretty annoyed with the lag. I would like to play again but I will not unless I can play with a low ping server...
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I bet you Blizzard will never respond to this Discussion or even read it, or even care about us in Australia.

I've been lucky enough to travel between here and the US a few times while playing Diablo. The animation is just so much better in sync with the action you take. After about 100ms you can start feeling and seeing it.

My faith in this company to resolve complaints are non existing. Hope, might still exist somewhere, but this is going out the door every so bit every month until I finally hang up my boots and cannot play anymore.

OR - I'm moving to the US to get a better playing experience.

All I know is that it CANNOT be so hard to support an Australian base community - irrespective of the number of players playing. You can just adjust the resources according to the playing numbers.
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I can't see any reason as an Australian to purchase the expansion if local servers aren't on the horizon. I just logged into the game to a 500ms ping - basically unplayable. Is this the gaming experience Blizzard intends for Australians?

With LoL, Dota 2 and various EA servers now located within the country, it's fairly difficult to comprehend why Blizzard still hasn't acted on this, after almost 10 years of ignored requests from the local gaming community.

Surely the "Australia Tax" on Blizzard games alone would be enough to fund local infrastructure?
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...........waiting for an Aussie D3 server..........getting very old..................probably be dead before a server comes to Oz................
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As someone who never comments on these forums I just want to add my support for local servers as we really do need them. If blizzard continues to force their customers to play single player games "online" the least they can do is support us by doing so.
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the fact that this thread has been around so long and not one blue comment shows what they think of this idea... but still i hope.

if the expansion comes out with no new content at all, but access to aus/oceania servers, id pay 3x what i did for my CE just to get it
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it's so funny that BLIZZARD staff dont even reply to this or implement it, always knew blizzard was just a bunch of money hungry pricks.
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Well sign me up too,my ping bars like a set of traffic lights.I`m sure a blue post would be similar to the last one so there`s really no hope in sight,very dissapointing seeing as i love the game.
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Bring servers to Australia or go home Blizzard. Why have you forsaken us? Jelly of the koalas?
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That moment....that moment I stepped into the the world of starwars...that moment, I played with 20 ms, will never be forgotten, TO BAD THE !@#$TY GAMES HAVE PHYSICAL AU SERVERS.

Oh my.

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